i need help!

i get crashes with a blue screen that are caused by a device driver. i dont know what device it is. is there any way to find out? i have called alienware (where i purchased my computer) numerous times. i would appreciate it if anyone would share their knowledge.


processor: amd fx-53
gpu: ati x800 pro
motherboard: asus a8v deluxe
memory: corsair pc3200
hdd: raid 0 on 2 raptors.
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  1. Xp right? So first, boot to the xp cd, and get it to do a compatability test. all fine? Good. Now restart into windows, and load the latest hyperions, from asus's site. Next, load the latest cats, from Ati's website. Then load whatever else is left.
  2. ok well i did everything except the hyperion part. i have no idea where to find this hyperion, even less install it. so if you could please aid me in doing these 2 things i would appreciate it greatly.
  3. [hint]I'll give you an hint..Google...search for hyperion drivers!![/hint]

    you'll find there everything you need to know about these drivers.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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