socket 939- msi neo2, abit av8 3rdeye or soltek?

Which one of these three mobos is better (in terms of gaming performance, overclockability and stability) ? I have a geforce 6800 gt. Is there a big performance gap between nforce3 ultra and k8t800 pro chipsets(i read somewhere that nvidia optimizes their chipsets to work better with nvidia graphics cards)? Guru clock seems fine, on the other hand overclockability of the MSI is a little bit better (or is it?) while soltek is a real poor overclocker (well this issue about soltek is not very clear in my mind. Anandtech wrote that the board didn't have a working pci/agp lock,thus they can't pass beyond 228fsb, but Tbreak reviewed the same motherboard and wrote that the lock was working and they could go up to 275 fsb). I also heard that k8n neo2 plat and a8v have some issues.. like the bios on MSI reads the temps wrong and shuts down the system and abit has some compatibility issues with new winchester cored cpus. Can anyone confirm this? This troubles me, because i'm going to buy one (3500+ winchester probably).
I would buy the Soltek for sure, because it seems the most stable mobo around and really is a great performer. But that overclock issue troubles me. Can anyone who has this board tell if the Pci/Agp lock is working or not?


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  1. I would go for an nforce4 non sli board. You may have to wait a couple more weeks for more releases. I wouldn't even be concerned too much about overclocking. It's really a roll of the dice. I tried 5 northwoods before getting a really good overclocker. I would also pay close atention to your memory and power supply selections. They will be just as important as the board for stability.
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