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Hey guys, so my last headset broke (mic basically just fell off...) and I want some recommendations from you guys about headsets. I don't know much about headsets, so I would like to keep the price under $50. Not looking for something really high end, just something that works and is COMFORTABLE. Comfort is my number 1 concern. I also want something that is durable (preferably a durable mic). Lastly, i want it to fully cup both my ears.

Thanks guys!
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  1. I know you said under 50 bucks, but I still wanted to recommend this one, which is what I just upgraded to.


    Else, try this (for 59)


    Then there's Sennheiser for 29


    Though I would recommend the Razer
  2. Logitech G330 is comfortable, though newegg doesn't carry it any more (you can buy directly from logitech it seems)
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