Resident Evil 5 with my system

Hi, I really don't know if it would play nicely or not.

Gts 250
intel core 2 duo 8400
Windows 7
3 gigs of ram

Would i be able to play this game? / Also on what settings?

I really don't have time to download the benchmark because i don't feel like waiting 2 hours to download something that i can't really play with. ( more of a watching a video )

So what do you guys/girls think?
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  1. the benchmark will answer all of your questions...
  2. Yup. I was playing it on an AMD64 X2 4200+ with an ATI HD 3870 at 1280x1024 with full details and I averaged around 40 fps.
  3. @dipankar2007ind: When you say optimized what all does that mean?

    @Everyone: Anyone have any idea what settings i could play on?
  4. Anyone know what it means when a game has been optimized...?
  5. well i would like to play on my native resolution, 1366x768.

    I can always settle for 1280x768. Most default res for most games.

    EDIT: So optimized as in you can have low fps like say 40-30 and still be playing smoothly?
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