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Question for those who have Borderlands on ATI cards

Playing at 1920x1080 on an ATI 5850, X4 965 BE CPU, 4GB Ripjaw. Every few minutes I get a hiccup, where the game freezes. Pretty much everything is maxed out. If I Cntrl-Alt-Del, then go back it's fine. But after doing some research I'm learning that Borderlands and ATI cards don't play well because it was optimized for Nvidia.

What can I afford to keep on max? A few posts say disable dynamic shadows. But those threads were from fall 2009... Are those issues still a concern? Or is there something else I should be disabling or turning down?
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    My borderlands locked up and crashed every 5 minutes, I rolled back to 10.4 drivers and it solved the problem. Even now the new 10.7 drivers recognizes the problems in the release notes, and suggests 10.5, but I had some problems with 10.5 as well.
    I'm running a 965 BE CPU // 2x 5770's crossfire // 4gb Dominator-GT ddr3 // corsair 750w PSU.
  2. Well, I play maxed out on 1080p, with no problems at all on 10.7a drivers. But i've only given it 20hrs cause didnt like the game much.
  3. Hmmm I used to run borderlands fine with the HD 5770x2 in crossfire until I downloaded the latest driver update recently and that seemed to have completely messed up the graphics on it, I guess the game doesn't like running on the latest driver update
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  5. I'm definitely experiencing this issue with the 10.7 drivers. I wonder if the new 10.8 drivers fixes the issue?

    I'd hate to roll back because the newer drivers helped out with BF2BC.
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