Best non SLI, pci express board?

Its about time for me to piece together a new computer. I have the hd, optical drives, case, and OS.
I like the new asuas and gigabyte sli boards, but I don't think I would ever use the second sli slot. I would rather just pay for the next generation latest and greatest video card and be happy with that.
From what I understand the second sli slot can only be used for a video card, making it a waste for me.
What is the best board out their that has all of the features of the sli boards except sli?
I want to go with a amd winchester.
I will oc.
Would it be best to wait a couple of months as Win64 should be out in march?
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  2. the nforce 4 ultra boards are the same as the sli's but w/out the extra video card slot. as of yesterday only 3 were available on newegg: foxconn, msi & chaintech. but more are due out soon.
  3. I'd say wait and look at some more options. I just noticed Newegg went up in price on the MSI K8N neo4 plat by $10 and the Chaintech VNF4 Ultra by $6. They must have a huge demand for these boards right now.

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