Arma II Not Working...

Hi Everyone,

I have installed Arma II: Operation Arrowhead thought that i would make a comeback to the gaming scene!

But unfortunately the game doesn't work on my PC. Everytime it gets to the load screen it crashes with typical Microsoft "Send- Don't Send" window! :fou:

My specs are:
Intel E8400 @ Stock.
Thermalright True Black Rev C. 120.
Asus P5Q Pro.
2x2GB 800MHz GSkill CL5 RAM's.
Palit HD4850.
Corsair VX450W.
Windows XP 32 bit.

Could you please tell me what could be wrong here? The installation was clean.
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  1. Arma II is a very demanding game, I would even say it's more demanding than Crysis. I tried to play it on my system (sig) and it wasn't that smooth at all. But it was still playable
    Have you updated your gfx card driver?
  2. Yes. I have Catalyst 10.7. Still didn't work! Although recommended setting is a quad core. Minimum requirement is a dual core. I have that, i am not expecting that it should be smooth. At least it should start. Here it crashes during the game loading part!
  3. ahh yeah tahts unfrotunate. A good game obliterated only by its own coding. I know little about coding a game, but bohemia (developers) somehow knows less. I have a thread up in arma2 multiplayer forums hating on the rediculous amount of consistent lag and player warping that goes on in the game regardless of ones conncetion speed.

    All players agree the game has serious issues. Few ppl are hardcore enough to deal with it...and bohemia of course has said not a word on the thread.

    do urself a favor and get battlefield bc2 until battlefield 3 comes out....for on that day...the heavens will collapse. and I will likely not leave my computer chair for years.
  4. it is hilarious though that they released an addon for $50-$60 before even addressing multiplayer issues.

    ...i mean its not like singleplayer is a blast either. When arma II first came out you couldnt even get through the singleplayer campaign for weeks because it was so bugged ur companions would sprint into open fields only to get sniped down by some arab with an AK
  5. I havnt played that but its EXPANSION PACK ... you need to have ARMA 2 installed on your PC after that go for OPRATION ARROWHEAD ...
  6. Ok I will try to get the expansion pack installed and then see if it works! But crap! Didn't know that the game so badly coded! Gives makers of GTA IV some respite. That too is a badly coded game!
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