My CoD4 server list won't show up

My game is up to date, and I know for a fact that my computer can handle it, but my server list won't show up. I have PunkBuster installed, and my game version is 1.7.568 or something like that. I've been able to play online before, but we got a new hard drive because of a virus. I know my game is up to date and everything, and I'm searching in "Internet" with all the filters set to "All", but still nothing is coming up.
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  1. same problem here, except im playing LAN, can't see svr's. i still have to use consol /connect [IP:address] or i had to select favourites, add svr using IP addresses manually. pain in the arse but works.

    if youve found a fix for this i'd love to know :) thanks
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