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I am going to buy a pc in AMD and i want to play all latest games like Mass effect 2,Assassins creed 2,Bio shock 2 etc...i am confusing which type of Configuration that i have to take in AMD...i mean processor,mother board,graphics card and all this....could you please help me
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  1. Go with Phenom II X4 955, some 880G or 790GX mobo (AM3), 4GB DDR3 and a HD 5850 (not worth the extra 100 for the 5870 if youy ask me, 5850 is better from a value/performance pespective). For PSU, a 500W-550W from some quality manifacturer like Corsair, Antec, OCZ will do the job.
  2. Thanks a lot brother....But i buy the Processor: AMD Athlon II (X2 245)2.9Ghz
    MotherBor: ASUS M4N68T-M
    GraphicCard: Sparkle GeForce 210 (1 Gb)
    RAM : 2 GB(DDR3)
    Ya,i had Played the DEAD SPACE game in my pc.It runs very nicely.the graphics were awesome.But comes to the Assassin's Creed II graphics are very good,but comes to the game play it runs very slow........Dead space runs very good...but this game(A S II).....why i don't know... :??: What is the problem brother.....?
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