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Wanna get some new games...

Hey again,

So I've finished the following games:

Call Of Duty (All)
Medal of Honour
Bioshock (both)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series (Except COP)
Star Wars (Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast, KOTOR)
Metro 2033
Prince of Persia
Dead Space (looooved it!!!!)
Halo (1&2)
Half life series
Deus Ex (both)

I basically love FPS and not RTS. I'm currently playing L4D2 again and again, for lack of options! Are there any suggestions on other good FPS games which are worth playing? I know there would be a lot like BF2BC2, Mass Effect 2, but Mass Effect didn't really appeal to me! :P

I was pondering over Prey for the time being. So how about some options? :)


Also want to add to the played games:
Crysis (both)
GTA 3 and 4
NFS (MW, Carbon, Undercover, Shift)
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  1. Maffia 2 is going to be massive. It's not a typical first person shooter, but shooting will be an important part of it.
    If you live in the States you'll be able to get it the 24th, but if not then you'll have to wait till the 27th. Though the demo will be available on the 10th.
    And since you liked Prince of Persia, you might also like Assasin's Creed 2? (If you want to play both 1 and 2, then start with 1 as otherwise it will be a huge step back and a big part of the story of one will be uncovered.)

    Hope this will give you some ideas.
  2. Here are some of my favorite games ,some of them you might have played,

    Red Dead Redemption(its pretty new and cool game ,cowboy game),
    Splinter-cell Conviction (bigger and better),
    Bad company 2 (better than modern warfare 2)
    Assassin's creed 1&2,
    Resident Evil 5,
    Borderlands (pretty good),
    Just Cause 2,

    Try all these games.
  3. rocky41 said:
    Red Dead Redemption(its pretty new and cool game ,cowboy game)

    I'm pretty sure Red Dead Redemption isn't available on the PC, unfortunately.

    I would definitely recommend Splinter Cell: Conviction and Resident Evil 5. I would recommend Fallout 3 too, but I'm not sure if it's your gaming style. It's definitely FPS, but in the form of an RPG.
  4. @Konsonum
    Red Dead Redemption actually i played on my ps3 ...sorry for that...but when it comes on pc it will be good enough to play....

    Splinter Cell: Conviction and Resident Evil 5 are really good games....
    Talking about Fallout 3 it itself is an rpg game.....
  5. Mafia 2 seems to demand the moon qua system requirements! :O But yeah, once it does release, it would be worth a play. As for Assasins Creed, is it first person mode? I guess then yes!

    Fallout 3 really caught my attention initally. But them it seemed a bit slow, plus I haven't played the earlier episodes. Does that matter? Can I jump right into Fallout 3?

    The same issues with Resident Evil.

    Splinter Cell: Conviction and Bad Company 2 have started teasing me off late! :) But still, not getting the "I-must-have-this-game" effect! Is Bad Company 2 really better than MW2?? There should be no reason not to get it then!
  6. I think you will like Battlefield 2 bc
  7. ....Sigh!!!

    Now that I'd decided on getting BC2, it's not available anywhere (online in India)!! :'( All I'm getting are the fakes/ duplicates, which I don't want!

    Was really hopeful on getting it for the weekend!
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    BC2 is worth waiting too, once you got the game you won't regret it...and yes it is way better than mw2 with more weapon, better game-play, and story line...
    hey im late to post but go to this link
  9. Crysis
  10. namelessonez said:

    Now that I'd decided on getting BC2, it's not available anywhere (online in India)!! :'( All I'm getting are the fakes/ duplicates, which I don't want!

    Was really hopeful on getting it for the weekend!

    Then buy it don't pirate it!
  11. Borderlands is a pretty epic game. I spent countless hours on it when it came out and an equal amount of time after each new DLC release. They have a new one coming up soon too.
  12. Mousemonkey said:
    Then buy it don't pirate it!

    Being a lawyer, I for one don't do pirated stuff! :P Anyways, I bought BC2 off steam @ $30. Was a bit expensive but at least its an original!

    A big thanks to all, for the right 'nudges'!

    It's going GREAT so far! The gameplay my surprise....better than MW2, which I was finding hard to believe all along! I just find the so-many cutscenes a bit irritating after a while. I mean, I wanna be 'in-there' as much as possible! :)

    The next games I'm looking at are Splinter Cell: Conviction and Fallout 3. Only question is: can I play Fallout 3 without having played 1 & 2?
  13. brulesmegood said:

    Already played that buddy, Warhead too! :)
  14. Fallout 3 is a good game but it is a little slow in other words boring.....Splinter Cell: Conviction is really good one better and more improved than its previous games.....also borderland is worth try
    If you liked l4d then resident evil 5 is the best to grab....
  15. just cause 2 is a great game (really long too) with a great story and lot of free-roam available

    fallout 3/re5 are also good choices (no need for backstory as each is an "independent" story for its previous versions)

    you won't regret getting bc2
  16. Thanks for the inputs everybody. I'm playing BC2 and loving it to the core!!!

    Next up, Splinter Cell: Conviction

    Appreciate everyone's help. :)
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