Help! mobo and PSU question!

I just ordered ASUS A8N-SLI mobo and found out that it's using the new ATX 12V 2.0 compliant which use 24pin connector. Currently, I'm using ICute ATX-450W/P4 PSU with 20 pin connector.
Does this mean I need to get a new PSU too for it? or ASUS does provide somekind of converter? If so, my PSU doesn't have a +12V connector(4 small 'head 'which is require for the mobo) and how does a 20 pin connector fit into a 24 pin connector on the mobo?
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  1. I don't think ASUS provides the converter but yes there is a converter.

    Check out a neighborhood computer store?

    I've seen it in reviews. It's something like a splitter or in this case a joiner. They are provided by many of the better recent PSU's.

    Takes ur 20pin and 4pin and makes a 24 pin.

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  2. You can buy adaptors for bothe of your problems. The last place I saw them, they were $20 each. To spend $40 to make an old psu usable seems like a waste to me.I generaly put a new psu in a new build. Psus fail far to often to make saving one a priorety
  3. What about the requirement of 4 pin +12v connector? Does this mean I need to get a new PSU?
  4. 20-pin connector fits fine. It's offset to one side. That configuration works with most Asus boards. Since the pins are shaped a bit differently, it only fits one way-the right way.

    I find it hard to believe you have a 450W power supply without the 4-pin ATX12v connector. That connector came out over 4 years ago, long before most 450W power supplies were on the market.

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  5. The main ICute website states that even the 380/420W PSUs have two small 4-pin connectors. I don't know why they wouldn't support them on the 450W PSU. What is your specific model number?

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