Laptop gaming need help

Sup im looking for a good laptop for playing these games
World of warcraft
team fortress 2 + Garry's mod
and maybe left for dead 2

my budget is around 500-850
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  1. i needed i might be able to raise my budget upto 1000
  2. the alienware m11x i heard is alright and should do what you ask but a couple draw backs are it doesn't have a cd drive so you might have to buy like a 20 doller external one but yea

    go their and you can bassically make your own and it'll tell you the price but the starting prices are 799 with a core 2 duo and 949 for either a core i5 or i7

    p.s my friend has a M11X and he plays starcraft 2 bassically max settings
  3. yeah i was looking at the M11x B/c my aunt can get me a discount on any dell laptop i think
    and did your friend get the 799 or 949
  4. im not completely sure, i think he got the core 2 duo becuase he didnt say anything about paying a 1000 dollers so yea, and how much of a discount?
  5. or you could get the Acer Extensa because theres a range in the Acer colection i have a Extensa 5235 it only cost around 300-400 so get a Acer Extensa Series Laptop they have compatibility mode because i have gtasa for vista and i looked on the compatibility mode i selected Vista service pack 2 so a Windows 7 Acer Extensa wouldent be a bad option.
  6. and all the games you mentioned work on my Extensa so try one from Acer
  7. yes but i really doubt it has a dedicated video card i used to have an acer aspire 5517 and it had a ati radeon hd 3200, and i looked up your laptop it has a gma 4500m which is worst than a radeon hd 3200 and thats not good either i'd just go with either a 800 doller laptop or an alienware one
  8. ok sounds good
    ill just keep saving for the m11x
  9. i mean if you don't want to keep wait theirs other laptops that are still pretty good go here and look and heres an example 799.99 plus shipping for a core i3 with an ati radeon mobility 5470
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