Help me select components for new system!

HELP! I want to build a new system but I want to make sure I'm selecting good components, components that will all play together nicely. I built a system several years ago and it works (most of the time) but I've been plagued with lockups/freezes/crashes. My hope is some of you will have opinions on the brands I've choosen, chipsets, etc. Here's what I want to build:

CPU: Pentium 4 3.2Ghz 1MB Prescott 800Mhz FSB Socket 478

MOBO: ASUS P4P800SE Intel 865PE + 1CH5R Chipset, Socket 478, 800Mhz FSB, Dual Channel DDR400 AGP 8X SATA RAID

RAM: 1GB TOTAL, (512MBx2) Corsair VS512MB400C3 PC3200 CAS3 DDR400 Value Select

HDD: Western Digital WD2000JD, 7200 RPM, serial ATA 8MB 200GB

DVD Burner: Lite-On 1633S

SOUND: Creative Labs Soundblaster Live SB Audigy 2/ZS/Platinum Pro PCI MP3 Support

VIDEO: I want to re-use my recently purchased MSI GeForce4Ti4200 AGP card w/TV in/out 128MB

I would also re-use a CD-ROM (Samsung SC-125?) and probably by a new basic network card for my cable modem and home network. I'd like to keep my existing case and power supply (450W ATX)

Here's what I need the computer to do:

Using Firewire, take video from a to be purchased later digital video camera.

Play the latest cool games without locking up or crashing all the time

Backup my DVD movies, games, etc

Edit video from my cameras to make movies of my kids, and then burn them on DVD to mail out to relatives

Basic office functions, play music, kid games, etc.

Here are some of my questions:
1) Is the value select Corsair RAM okay? I also looked at Crucial memory, I want a good name brand memory. What about 533Mhz speed ram, can I not use that in the ASUS MOBO I selected? (or at least it won't be any faster?)

2) Any problems with the CPU/MOBO/Sound card configuration? I've always read a lot about certain sound cards in certain MOBO's causing random unknown problems that they don't find out about for a while.

3) Any problems using the current video card? I just bought it a few months ago, and have been happy with it. I realize PCI Express is the thing now, but I don't care about having the absolute latest thing, and this will give me a reason to beg my wife for a new computer in a couple years!!

4) Do I need to buy ram with heat spreaders with this system?

5) What about my current power supply? 450W should be fine right? I don't remember the brand.

6) Will the case I have now (with an Epox 8KTA3 MOBO & Athlon T-Bird 1.333 Ghz processor work with this ASUS MOBO or will I need a new case too.

7) Any recommendations on Heat Sink fans for this processor? The HSF needs to be made for this Socket 478 or the P4 3.2 doesn't it?

8) When I looked at DELL there web site mentioned that the SB Audigy 2 came with firewire support? Is it on the card or just something they do?

Thank you for your help and your opinions. Please let me know if you disagree with a choice I've made or if you have any info/experiences with these components.

Thanks so much

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  1. Quote:
    1) Is the value select Corsair RAM okay? I also looked at Crucial memory, I want a good name brand memory. What about 533Mhz speed ram, can I not use that in the ASUS MOBO I selected? (or at least it won't be any faster?)

    Mushkin is also a good memory brand name. I threw a gig of mushkin in my new rig and have had no memory-related problems whatsoever. Crucial is also a good brand name.

    I can't comment on the Intel situation/setup as I've been a die-hard AMD fan since I put my first AMD system together back in the K6 days. I can say that my buddy (who possibly did things incorrectly) put together an intel system w/a 6800GT and regretted going the Intel path vs. AMD. He too is a die-hard AMD fan, but wanted to try Intel since he's been on the AMD boat for so long. After his brief stint in the Intel boat, he's back where he belongs with us AMD-ers. :smile:

    EDIT - just read thru your post again and saw you do a lot of video editting, which I'm sure is at least part of the reason you're leaning towards Intel (I know this wasn't supposed to be an AMD vs Intel argument so I apologize in advance =)

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  2. You are correct in the Intel/AMD issue, due to the editing I will be doing both from a DV Camera and an analog camera with a lot of old tapes on it. I too have been a long time AMD user, and like your friend, wanted to dip my toes in the Intel water. AMD's traditional use more power than the Intels from what I've read, and part of my concern was the amount of power today's systems draw of the PSU. I have had a lot of problems with my current system (AMD T-Bird 1.333) but it's probably unfair to blame the processor alone for that (and I don't think I am) I also realize that my editing of video will also depend a lot on HDD access, which is why I may consider the WD Raptor 10,000 RPM drive. I don't know much about RAID systems either, but have read in this forum that linking two HDD together with RAID can really help improve access during editing of large amounts of video. Any thoughts on this would be helpful too.

    By the way, I am working on a "spouse imposed" budget of around $800. So far I'm at around $600, but need knew cables, HSF and possibly a case.
  3. Mando reading imposed - Pat just posted comments on video editing. Read and and see if you're thought process still applies for going Intel. For the all-around nature of what you want this system to do and your budget, you should seriously consider going AMD again.

    "AMD's traditional use more power than the Intels from what I've read, and part of my concern was the amount of power today's systems draw of the PSU."
    If you're trying to get away from power-hungry chips, then the PRESCOTT is not the chip for you. Lots of well-documented info to support that statement.

    Are you planning on overclocking (important for RAM question)? Can you please give more specific info on your PSU (make/model)? 450W should be sufficient, but if you have bad/generic POS, then you could run into issues. If nothing else, you can use your current PSU and post here with any issues you have on your system.

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  4. Forgot to ask earlier - what HDD(s) do you have right now?

    As far as gaming and the Ti4200 - don't expect to play the latest/greatest games at better resolutions/video qualities!

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  5. Wow - over 25% of your entire budget on the sound card?! That Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro (model SB0360) is $219.99 at Newegg. If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing that will require that beast? I've always been happy enough with onboard sound, but I'm not a die-hard audiophile.

    System recommendation (all prices are Newegg):
    1. Abit NF8, retail box - $88
    2. AMD A64 3000+(Newcastle), OEM - $135. If not OCing, then get retail version for $146.
    3. (2) Seagate Barracuda 80GB NCQ model ST380817AS - $72/drive for $144 total.
    4. <b>Kingston</b> value select KVR400X64C3AK2/1G - $140
    5. Lite-On 1633s - $60.
    6. Zalman model CNPS7000B, $39.99 - only if overclocking. If not OC, then buy retail CPU and use stock HSF.
    7. Creative Labs mondo-money Audigy2.... $219.99
    Total: $798

    NF8 should be rock stable with the NF3 250GB chipset. Setup a RAID0 with the 2 HDDs and use your old HDDs for extra storage. You should be able to reuse the case and PSU - please answer previous request for make/model for a final assessment on the PSU. If you provide more details on the crashes you've been experiencing in games, then someone on the boards may be able to help you resolve those issues or at least figure out what is causing them. If you don't have a <b>need</b> for the mondo-money sound card, then you can adjust other purchases for further optimization (i.e. faster CPU, better PSU, additional large capacity HDD for storage, etc.).

    Answers for some of your questions:
    1. Kingston Value Select is ok RAM, especially if not OCing.
    3. If you're happy with the video card you have, it plays the games that you want to play and does everything you want it to do, then keep it.
    4. Not with the AMD system as long as you're not going to be doing severe OCing.
    5. Maybe...
    6. It will work.
    7. If not OCing, then I recommend going retail CPU and using the provided HSF. This will save you some money, but will probably be a little louder than others that you can purchase.

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  6. I don't know if this really answers your specific questions or not, but:

    If you want to play games, go with an AMD Athlon64 system. They make for a smoother gaming experience. That doesn't mean an Intel can't game adequately, just that the AMD does it better.

    For what you're saying you are going to do with video, either an AMD or Intel system will do fine. The only place Intels smoke AMD's is when video rendering (not editing or burning) and then not by all that much any more. Still noticeable when you do a lot of it, but not that noticeable if you don't do a lot of it.

    Your old TI4200 won't play the newest games very well, and will play the next level of games even worse. You may find that your gaming experience doesn't change much between the old machine and the new machine with that card. A new video card is pretty important if you want to play new games.

    You don't need a LAN card - the mobo comes with one built-in. Some even come with 2.

    If you need to save $, you can make do without the audigy - most onboard sound is pretty good - not compared to an audigy if you're a real sound afficianado (sp?), but if coupled with decent speakers, pretty decent.

    If the PSU brand is good, then 450w is fine, if it's a cheap brand, then get a new PSU. Today, PSU's are becoming the most important part of a stable system. If you have a cheap PSU, maybe that's why your existing system locks up a lot...

    Others have mentioned the RAM issue - yes, that's pretty good ram, but I you may be able to get better for the same/lower price. Unless you overclock, getting PC4000 (DDR500) ram won't make any difference, it'll still run at PC3200 speeds.

  7. Wow! I love Tom’s Hardware and these forums. I really appreciate all the great responses! Here’s some answers back:

    Rugger – I’ve done more reading about Prescott and will now lean toward a Northwood P4 3.4 Ghz instead of Prescott. I’m still uneasy about AMD because I’ve been using them since back around the K6 CPU’s and have never been totally happy with the systems (again not fair to blame AMD for all my woes, but interested in driving a Chevy instead of a Ford kind of thing I guess)

    As far as over-clocking, no plans to do that. I guess I’d like the option, but more from the board than the RAM. If a year from now the 3.4 isn’t cutting it, I can spring for some faster RAM) I know very little about over-clocking and have no need for it now.

    PSU detail will have to wait until tomorrow. I had a 300W and then replaced it with a 450W but I’m sure it’s not a fancy/name brand one. Bought it at a computer store for around $50 a year or two ago. I will get the details on it though.

    HDD – I have a Maxtor 60GB now that I’m ready to pitch in the garbage. My dad always uses WD and has loved it. My Maxtor always seems to have problems, errors, bad sectors, etc. Sometimes the computer doesn’t detect it and I have to open the cover and giggle the wire coming off the drive. Have replaced the cable so I think it’s a pin problem on the drive but not sure why. Would like a WD 160GB at least maybe 200GB, or two drivers (10,000 rpm and standard ATA I guess.) I don’t know much about RAID. You mentioned 2 Seagate Barracuda drives? Why two? Is that for RAID? Don’t know much about Seagate drives.

    Video card – I know the Ti4200 is older, but I’ve been happy with it. Runs Unreal Tournament, Splinter Cell, etc fine. That’s all I care about for now. I don’t need the best resolution/video qualities, my main goal is stability when I play. I’ll sacrifice a little in quality if I have to. Understood that I may need an upgrade down the road, but the board is only going to handle AGP – not PCIe so will there be much to upgrade to down the road? What AGP cards do you like?

    Regarding the board, also leaning toward ASUS P4P800E-Deluxe vs P4P800SE based on several reviews I just read. Deluxe comes with “headers” for USB and Firewire, whatever that means, also has 8 channel audio.

    Sound card – Oops! Guess it’s not the Platinum version I was talking about, just the Audigy2 ZS PCI Soundcard ( $72) The P4P800E-Deluxe has 8 channel audio, so if you don’t think I need a sound card I don’t want one. I’m not a big sound freak, I just know that sometimes computer issues that don’t seem to be sound related sometimes are, and I thought a name brand card would improve stability. If on-board sound is better than what it used to be, I’m game for no sound card – Great.

    FISHMAHN – You mentioned cheap PSU. What brand do you recommend I look at? What type of requirements should I consider? I will get specific info when I get home.

    Also – “Others have mentioned the RAM issue - yes, that's pretty good ram, but I you may be able to get better for the same/lower price. Unless you overclock, getting PC4000 (DDR500) ram won't make any difference, it'll still run at PC3200 speeds.”

    What would you recommend for the better so the same/lower price? What brands are good? I’ve always thought crucial, corsair, Kingston. What do you think about these or other brands you’d recommend?

    Thanks again everyone for the help!!

    ps - I will start looking in to AMD, everyone I talk to seems to prefer AMD over Intel. . . .
  8. I personally prefer the Nissan Titan, but that's a different story.

    Sounds like some of your stability issues could have been related to your HDD. I've never had to wiggle a cable to get mine to work... Seagate makes a good, fast, reliable HD and yes I said two so you could setup a RAID 0 for better performance. That particular model also has NCQ (Native Command Queuing). Here is an article by THG:
    <A HREF=" " target="_new"> </A> The WD drives do not have the NCQ, but you could do the same with two WD HDDs if you prefer their products.

    Unless you're an audiophile with serious high-end speakers, I personally don't think you get a lot of bang for your proverbial buck going with a separate sound card. A lot of todays onboard sound is good quality and I've never had stability issues related to onboard sound. Spend that money wisely elsewhere.

    At this point I won't say you need another PSU, but I think a 400-450W PSu from any of the major makers (Antec, Thermatake, Enermax, etc.) would be ok for your system. I personelly prefer a Fortron Source or Sparkle Power PSU that is using an FSP part number. They cost less and perform just as well as the other major brands. The Fortron Source FSP400-60THN-R, 400W, ATX 2.0, is a great PSU for the price of $77.50 (the 500W Blue storm is only $89).

    As far as AMD vs Intel. You'll always find differing opinions on who is best and why they're the best. In my personal PC builds (for me, family and friends), I've always been happy with AMD. It's because I have been able to get more performance for my money and I haven't had any stability issues. My current system has been running rock solid for over four years! Part of that was research to make sure I got good, stable parts and a lot of that research was done right here on THG. I've had issues with getting faulty parts, but that was a mfr issue instead of a system issue. Now I avoid the companies with whom i've had bad experiences and talk on THG to see who's putting out the best product at the best price. My 2 cents...

    Give us an updated rundown of what your system looks like so far. Give prices, manufacturer and model. :smile:

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  9. First off, your problem with your current system is the now infamous via 133 chipset. I'm betting you have a soundblaster sound card, probably live, since it was the worst.
    Second, your nvidia graphics has become 3rd generation, expect perf to drop like a rock on newer games.
    The northwood chip is a better choice than the prescott, but it still uses 100+w. I wouldn't even think about any Intel chip over 3ghz without water cooling.
    No matter what system you build, do not settle for almost stable. We are here, and will help the best we can. If a product isn't working as advertized, send it back.
  10. Before I upgraded a few wks back, the 4200ti was my weapon of choice for alittle under 3 years (got one when they first came out), and it definitely earned its keep. Even on HL2, I was able to pull 40+ fps on medium settings w/no AA, if you're an avid gamer (especially the first person genre) then I would suggest scrapping the 4200ti for a better vid card, otherwise if you're more of a casual gamer that 4200ti will serve you well for another yr or so if you don't mind low to medium settings...

    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.
  11. "In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday"

    Yeah.. time goes fast.You may wait 1 full day to be tomorrow, but the moment you think you are tomorrow, then you realize that you are still..... today.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  12. I agree that the Ballistix is better RAM, but it doesn't fit the better performance at a lower price that fishmahn had mentioned earlier. I was curious about that, too. :smile:

    Out of curiosity, what in his system/usage prompted you to say the Ballistix?

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  13. Yeah, I've learned about the via 133 chipset and that's what I'm trying to avoid now. Had no idea back then that chipsets were so important. I want to make sure that today's chipsets are good, and that's why I've looked at the P4 & 865pe chipset. With the ASUS board and PAT, seems to rival the 875 chipsets and from what I've read is very stable. You're right on the sound, Soundblaster Live (with a via 133 - bad things)

    For the games I play now, I'd like to hang on to the Ti4200 a little longer. I can upgrade that later if I have to (don't exactly play the latest & greatest I suppose) By the way, what would you recommend in a graphics card (AGP)? Is it RAM, like going from 128MB to 256 or more about the chips?

    What shocked me was your comment about Intel chip over 3ghz without water cooling!! Does everyone agree? I have no interest in needing water cooling! Do the Intel chips run that hot (vs AMD?) I'm always concerned about heat, in fact I added 3 fans to my current system (1 front intake, 1 top & 1 rear exhaust) that lowered my system temp by over 10 degrees C (Athlon T-Bird, have read those run hotter than comparable Intels back then, and used more power) I'm guessing from some of the response that may no longer be true. Really would like to hear more on the heat issue with AMD vs Intel (no water cooling options please!)

    I will need a new PSU, looked at mine and it's a generic 400W. I was looking at Antec Ture 550W for around $100. Will consider others mentioned too.

    You're right about STABLE. That's my goal. I guess I don't need the best or fastest of everything (nor can afford that) but I want a rock solid, stable system, with adequate power, good cooling and decent speed for burning DVD's and bringing in video from an analog video camera, and a DV camera I will buy down the road.
  14. Here's what I've been looking at this morning:

    AMD Athlon64 3400+ 2.4ghz 512K L2 cache 754pin retail ($221 at

    Corsair ValueSelect (2X512MB) 1GB total RAM ($138 at

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 SATA NCQ model ST380017AS SATA150 80 GB X 2 drives ($140 total at

    Lite-On DVD 1633S ($60 @

    Antec True Control 550 PSU (108 @

    Keep Ti4200 VGA card for now.

    Still need help on a motherboard selection. Also, thought on 754pin vs 939pin. Reviews I read seem to indicate 939 boards are relatively new to the market and I don't want too new a board, something that's been around and tested in real world for a while (hence the idea of 754 pin)

    I will not be over clocking.

    I'm concerned about noise level with the Antec 550 - any other suggestions for this type of system?

    Back to motherboards, any thoughts on VIA vs nvidia chipsets? K8T800 Pro vs nvidia NF3 I think. I've got a sour taste about VIA from the KT133 chipsets, what are thoughts now?

    My total is at $667, and that leaves around $133 for motherboard. Need a board with lots of USB ports, LAN, firewire and decent onboard sound. Looked at Asus A8V Deluxe, want name brand board, good support - won't buy EPOX (had problems before) Overclocking not a big factor, something with good layout, etc.
  15. Well, my thought on that was Corsair value select is CAS3 ram. Being too lazy to open another browser to check the current price and settings of it, It seemed to me that CAS2.5 ram could probably be found for a similar price, maybe less.

    Given his current find at 138, I'm not sure less is possible, but similar (sub-150) is probable. Also, I originally thought I'd remembered Corsair V.S. RAM was a premium price for 'general class' memory... apparently I'm mistaken.

    Anyways, Newegg has Kingston, Buffalo, Corsair & Mushkin (of the brand names) all around the same price, as well as some lesser known brands that I personally wouldn't turn down, but I wouldn't recommend someone else use. Some less than the Corsair, some a couple bucks more.

  16. Quote:
    Yeah.. time goes fast.You may wait 1 full day to be tomorrow, but the moment you think you are tomorrow, then you realize that you are still..... today.

    Deeeeeeeeeep... very deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...

    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.
  17. Since you won't be overclocking, and you appear to not so much upgrade as replace (I do the same thing - keep a stable system for a few years, then replace almost everything), I think 754 is best for you.

    Definitely get the nForce3 250 or nForce3 250GB chipset. Via chipsets may be good (I'm using a Via KT600 on my AMD XP system right now, and I'm satisfied), but the stigma still haunts them. MSI, Gigabyte, Abit, Asus, DFI, and others all make good boards, some people have problems with some (MSI seems to be getting a lot of 'bad press' right now, Gigabyte had their problems here a while back, etc.), some with others. I'd say look at the features and get the one with the features you need/want at the price you find best.

    For power supplies - it's pretty much been covered - Antec (I've heard to stick with the 'true power' ones), Fortron Source, Sparkle Power (the ones with an FSP part #), OCZ, Thermaltake, etc. 450w or so should be fine - 420w is probably OK too.

  18. The best place for video cards is in the graphics cards forum. They have a great FAQ that talks price/performance, RAM and card manufacturers. The common perception is that the 9800 Pro (AGP) is the best price/performance right now. It changes so fast that I would read up now and come back to the boards prior to making that purchase!

    I'll leave the AMD/Intel heat comparison to someone else.

    If you're going Intel I would be on the safe side of power and go with the Antec you suggested, the Fortron Blue Storm 500W, a comparable Sparkle Power PSU or and AOpen with an FSP model number. The others are just as good as the Enermax and generally cost less.

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  19. Here's where I'm at, please see what you think:

    AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Newcastle 939pin 90nm $300
    (retail version for HSF fan okay isn't it? - no overclocking intended)

    ASUS A8V Deluxe Rev. 2 w/wifi $140

    Corsair Value Select RAM 1GB total (2x512MB) $140

    2 Seagate 80gb Baracudda HDD $140

    Antec TrueControl 550 $108

    Lite-On DVD 1633S $60

    TOTAL $888 (Got my wife to up my budget to under $1000)

    I was thinking 939 vs 754 just because it's more current and seems to be the future of AMD boards. Not sure I'd upgrade the processor w/o changing motherboard in the future but like the option.

    Also, uneasy about the VIA chipset on the ASUS board but like ASUS and trust them & their reputation. Still open to boards with nvidia 250GB chipset but best one I've found is MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (worried about MSI brand but pleased with my MSI graphics card)

    Final thoughts anyone? Mainly 939 pin vs 754 and the whole VIA vs nvidia chipset issue. I think the rest of it I'm feeling pretty good about.

  20. Refresh my memory - are you purchasing in Canada? Recommend buying all your parts from one place if it doesn't kill your budget. I think Newegg (if in US) will at least be able to match the prices you listed.

    Final thoughts:
    I recommend going with the s754. All s754 chips are clocked 200Mhz faster than their s939 brothers - i.e. a s754 3400+ is 200Mhz faster than a s939 3400+. So the s754 3400+ will be as fast as the s939 3500+ if not faster. Either way you go, the retail pkg with provided HSF will cool enough for your purposes.

    Mobo: I would shy from the VIA chipset at this point too. My number one mobo recommendation for you is the Abit NF8. I will throw some other options at you. For the s754, other options: DFI Lanparty UT nF3 250GB or the Asus K8N-E Deluxe. All of these boards have 8 USB, at least one 1394 port and LAN. For the s939 (AGP) I would recommend the following (in order): Abit AV8, Asus A8V Deluxe K8T800 or the Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939. I listed the Gigabyte becasue their reputation is getting better and they have the NF3 Ultra chipset.

    Summary: A64 3400+ s754 (retail box) and Abit NF8 nF3 250GB (retail).

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  21. Agree on newegg. It's about $20 more to buy all my parts there, but it's nice to deal with only one vendor.

    I'm leaning toward the DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250gb after doing some reading. Abit has seemed to have some BIOS issues regarding some of their boards (NF8) although I read a new BIOS update is due out this month. Something about CPU temp reporting to the BIOS.

    Going to go with 120gb Barracudas for a little more money. Love lots of space!!

    Thanks for all the help. Think I'm on a better track now. One last question, the Barracudas I'm looking at are SATA II NCQ 120GB (x2 for RAID 0) Will I see a difference between SATA and SATA II with this board?

    Athlon64 3400, DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250GB, 1 GB Corsair Value Select (did find 2.5 CAS for same money as 3.0 CAS - that's good right??) True Control 550W (Antec) & 1633S DVD Lite-On.

    I can get TrueControl 550 for same price as True550, will I need the control if I won't be over clocking though??

  22. If the PSUs are the same price, then get the most capable one. I'm not familiar with those two - anyone else?

    I'd call Newegg and see if they'll go down on the price a little, since you're buying all yours parts there. :wink: It never hurts to ask - the worst they can say is no. The shipping will be probably be less than buying from separate vendors, too. I've done the different vendor thing for parts and it gets to be a pain in the arse. Besides, Newegg has great customer service/RMA support.

    To take advantage of the SATA II you need a mobo that is compatible. The Lanparty UT does not support. If you get new mobo/CPU down the road, then you can easily reuse these drives. You can never have too much HD space - especially when working with video! :smile:

    Glad that I could help you! Post and let us know the progress on shipping/assembly of you new beast.

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  23. You have gotten alot of info to consider which can be a good thing or a bad thing. what I mean by this is that depending on your level of knowledge of everything that has been discussed here it would be easy to let some of the basics slip past you. Im not getting into the CPU debate, but I will tell you this. Regardless of which brand of whatever you decide to buy, this system is going to be a high quality system. If you want to screw the whole system then dont put much emphasis on the PSU.

    The PSU IMO "I am declaring this offically right now guys" is the single most important component in any system. Screw that sound card, the right mobo these days already has excellent sound built in already. Buy a high quality PSU that had at least a little more power than what you will currently need. This gives you room for expansion. Consider the newer PSU's that have the split 12V rails. The one I have is rock solid and from what I am reading most of the other brands that are making this same form are steady also. You will never be able to achieve a stable system without a good PSU.

    To save us both time, assume I know EVERYTHING :tongue:
  24. I agree 100% about the PSU - I have read a lot about people ignoring the PSU because years ago it was a non-factor. But with today's power hungry CPU's and all the cards, RAM, HDD, ect it does get over looked.

    I'll have to do research on the split 12v rail, but Antec makes a good PSU don't they? I am looking at a Antec True 550W - that should give me more than enough power, shouldn't it? I am looking at that vs the Antec True480W because I want to consider future expansion.

    If you feel I'm neglecting the PSU, please recommend some specific brands/PSU based on the system I am going to build. Help, please!
  25. The split 12V rail mozz is talking about goes back to the ATX12V <b>V2.0</b>. I didn't do the research earlier when you talked about the Antec 550W and I didn't realize that PSU is not v2.0 and does not have the split rails. One 12V rail for the CPU and one for the mobo. The Fortron Blue Storm 500W ($89 at newegg) is 2.0 and is a very good PSU.

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  26. ***Jedi Mind Trick - smoothly waves hand*** I DIDN'T say Corsair VS.... :wink:

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  27. MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (worried about MSI brand but pleased with my MSI graphics card)

    I recently built both the K8V-SE and the MSI K8N-NEO Platinum. I kept the NEO. Lots of fun!

    Abit IS7 - 3.0C @ 3.6ghz - Mushkin PC4000 (2 X 512) - Sapphire 9800Pro - TT 420 watt Pure Power
    Samsung 120gb ATA-100 - Maxtor 40gb ATA - 100
    Sony DRU-510A - Yellowtail Merlot
  28. Since I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, I started reading this thread as a guide to build a "new" system. I'm building for someone else on roughly the same budget, so this was a good guide. The parts that I am going to need include MB, CPU, memory, video, sound and PSU. Going with onboard sound and the suggests posted here, I'm left with only the video to identify. Because of the age, the Ti4200 is difficult to find, so I was hoping to find suggestions, here.

    My personal machine (circa 2001) features a T-bird 1200 with the Via chipset, a GeForce 2 Ultra and initially the SB Live Platinum. As noted above I had problems with the sound card and eventually scrapped it for a cheap Mad Dog MM card. Unfortunately, I'm just now learning this four years after the fact. For this reason, I'm looking for suggestions on a cheap 8x AGP card that won't conflict with the system being "built" in this thread.

    Thanks so much for your help! (even if you didn't realize you were helping others)
    Kenny Anderson
  29. What do you consider to be cheap? What's your price limit and what will you use the comp for?

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  30. Yeah, I didn't word that very well. What I should have said is: "what is the cheapest 8x card that will will be stable in this system--and is still readily available in retail channels?" The cheapest card fitting that description may be $150 or it may be $75, so I guess cheap is relative (as with all things.) :+)

    The machine will mainly be productivity and internet, but I was told to build something that will be stable for as long as possible. That's why I'm looking at some newer components, but not at the highest end. It seems like most of the parts in this thread are old enough to have their problems and shortcomings identified, but not so old that they are in the bargain bin. That's the impression I got with the Ti4200 when I searched for it. (No offense!) :+)

    Thanks for straightening me out.
  31. Here is a great little card that will allow you to do some very moderate gaming:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  32. Now I am hurt.
    My gaming rig is an A64 3200, on an Asus K8N-E Deluxe, with a BBA 9600pro.
    Sure it is stable enough to be an office setup. (I even have it OCed 10+%), but I thing it's good enough for gaming. Oh well, I guess if the price is right.
  33. Hey folks. Thanks for all the great information, this thread has helped a lot! As it turns out, my wife and I have made a new deal. If I wait to buy a new machine until after I finish my basement (2 months or so) than I can spend whatever I feel like (within reason) So I guess I'm waiting for a month or two, and I may now lean toward a 939 system with a PCIe card so I can have a little more flexibility down the line.

    Thanks for the info on the V2.0 PSU's, I'll definately get one of those. Also, since I've got a little more cash to work with now, I'll lean toward getting a 1GB stick (vs 2x512) and something in a better brand name. I may want to experiment with a little OCing down the road.

    I'll be watching reviews of the 939 boards, PCIe cards and checking this forum often between now and then. Once I think I've got a good system figured out, I'll be sure to check back here for opinions and advice.

    Thanks again - I really did learn a lot and I appreciate everyone's time and input. Thanks.
  34. If you're going s939, then you'll want to have to sticks of RAM to take advantage of the dual channel memory. That's one of the only advantages that s939 has over the s754!

    Have you read the FAQ? Looked for previous posts on this topic?
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