Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 recently crashes with 9800 GT

Hello, I have been playing Modern Warfare 2 ever since its release and was working perfectly with my Dell XPS 630 with 9800 GT and vista 64 home until two days ago.

I play for 5-10 minutes then the screen goes blank for 10 seconds (I still hear sound and the game playing in the background) then the game turns to normal and I am able to play again then in 5 minutes the same thing happens.

My other games work fine Team Fortress 2, Orange box, and Civ 4. Except for The Sims 3 which two days ago gave me my first ever blue screen after 2.5 years of owning my dell xps 630 and said dumping 56 MB of physical memory.

Is my video card getting to worn I have everything stock with a 750 watt PSU and 2 decent size fans. My gaming total for steam is 2,000 hours. But why does it only recently have problems with CoD MW2?

P.S. i don't really want to tamper with my PC I'd rather just not play CoD MW2

Thank you
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  1. It sounds like it s overheating, my suggestion, add the rear exhaust fan to the dell pc, which seems to be always missing.
  2. Computerrock1 said:
    It sounds like it s overheating, my suggestion, add the rear exhaust fan to the dell pc, which seems to be always missing.

    Thanks, I think I found the problem my PC's graphics card it now only has 456 MB GDDR3 RAM for the 9800 GT and I'm running on high resolutions 1920x1200 with AAx2 enabled. I disabled AAx2 and it works better, lowered the resolution to 1680x1050 and no blackouts. I'm pretty sure I lost GDDR3 RAM for the 9800 GT if that is possible?

    and since CoD has a lot of textures it was the only game affected.
  3. Hey Computerrock1,

    I've been having the same exact issues for a couple months now and I've been searching forums and this is the closest I've come to an answer... you describe my exact issues/symptoms to a T. Except... I tried what you did (switch anti-alising to off and lower my resolution), but to no avail.. I've made for sure every single involved piece of hardware and software were completely updated including but not limited to BIOS, Nvidia grapics card, and monitor driver itself... I've thought of everything I could think of and still... nothing... I'm this close to replacing my graphics card but it's SO expensive for a decent gamer card.. ugh.... How's yours been? Still running good or?
  4. Oh, and a couple more things Computerrock1 ---> Instead of MW2 I'm running MW3, though not sure that's a big difference... also, I actually stopped the process as it was happening sort of.. (more like delayed because it happened soon after again). As it was just beginning to show the symptoms, I quick tab+alt to my desktop and, bam.. it stopped the crash for whatever reason.. I also took a screen shot of the error message Windows gave me for it! Now how do I post that here..?
  5. It says: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" ..(then under that it says) "Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 306.97 stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

    That driver version is the most recent one I need as per Nvidia's customer support chat for which I chatted with for quite a while troubleshooting to no avail btw too...
  6. Wow, this is an old thread and I am amazed it never got closed. But um, if you read properly, I am not the one with the issue "Anonymous" was. However, the driver crashing that you are experiencing can be caused by multiple things, my suggestion is to follow this guide:

    These, blackouts can also be caused by overheating so: clean out your pc, I mean physically remove all dust from the case and make sure that your gpu heatsink fan is running properly.

    If no one replies to this thread in the next two or three days can a moderator please close it :)
  7. my guess would be the driver crashing also also some 98gt's had a fault where the vrm (voltage regulator module) would over heat and cause the card to turn off till it cooled down.
    but yeah updating the drivers and making sure theres no active overclock would probably fix it. (along with a clean)
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