Doom 3 demo video problems

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My system meets all the requirements, 2.4 P4, 512M, 64M ATI All in Wonder
8500DV video card. I have a problem in the setup screen. On the options
screen, all of the letters are square blocks, and the screen has "bars" that
float up and down on it. When I get lucky enough to click on the right
square to start the game up, it starts ok, and the game looks fine, any
words etc. on that screen are ok. The opening iD S oftware screen looks ok
too. I downloaded and installed the latest video drivers and Direct X 9.0c
but it still has this problem. Has anyone seen this and know of a fix?
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  1. i have the same problem running the game on an AMD Athlon X2 6000+ (3.0 GHz Dual Core) with an NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS (675MB) on Windows 7. Is anyone aware of a fix for this yet?
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