Windows won't remember Logins and Passwords


My PC won't remember usernames and passwords though it prompts me to save them after each time i login.
I have turned it off in Autocomplete and put it back on and no effect.

Last night i did some changes in the control panel as advised by a website to boost game speed.
One of these was to go into the control panel and then admin tools and system and disable some of the automatic loaded programs.
I have also lost the windows xp theme and cannots ee how to restore it.The option is no longer present in the themes available?

Could this be the reason?

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  1. What are you talking about? Is this about Windows login, or Internet Explorer web sites login, or game login?

    But regarding to your question, no it is not related. It would be if it were an error, but if there is not, there is no reason to be worried about. So, no, it is not related to the question of login not saving the password for your PC.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  2. do you have a popup blocker or maybe mcafee privacy service? I have mcafee and it wouldn't let me bring up the entries, so I turned the privacy service off and then all was fixed.

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    AXP2500 (11*200 at 1.85v)
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    PDP DDR400 1GB(2-3-2-5)2.6v
    Lite-On SOHW-832S
    WD 80GB 8mb buffer caviar edition.
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