32-bit version of Win8 or only 64-bit?

Just wanted to know out of curiosity, is Windows 8 shipping with a 32-bit version as well, or only 64-bit since most machines today have a 64-bit CPU? Thanks
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    Yes, a 32 bit version of Windows 8 is available. I would only get it if you NEED a 32 bit copy though. Valid reasons for needing it include: CPU doesn't support 64 bit instructions (which like you said is pretty rare these days), or you have a Mission critical application doesn't work properly under a 64 bit OS (getting rarer in occurrence by the day). Otherwise go 64.

    I really hope this is the last mainstream version of Windows that Microsoft makes which includes a 32 bit version. It really is time to move on.
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  3. I agree; if Microsoft was not realeasing a 32-bit version of Windows 8, it would really start encouraging software/game manufacturers to start developing more 64-bit software. If Windows 8 was only 64-bit, then maybe by their next OS they could've dropped support for 32-bit apps as well. Thanx
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