TWO C:>command prompts on boot

When I do a system boot on win 98(first edition)TWO COMMAND PROMPTS APPEAR when the black screen blinks across.
I am soon up grading to 98 SE but this thing is bugging me and I wonder if it might be slowing my system down or causing other havoc.
I had problems getting WIN 98 on the drive and could have some duplicate files.....What do I look for....kind of afraid to delete window files without knowing a little more about it.
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  1. Two blank command prompts indicate 2 blank lines in Autoexec.bat. It's not slowing you down, but you can right click on "autoexec.bat" from Windows (it's located on the C: drive) and scroll down to edit, then remove the blank lines. When you close, it will ask if you want to save changes, click "yes".

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  2. Crashman to my rescue again,
    Thanks, I thought it would be simple and a few years ago I may have been able to get it on my own, but too rusty now.
    THGC is great, just wish I could help others day...
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