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hello i am going to buy new parts for my pc and i want to ask if my CoolerMaster real power 620W power supply will work whit thease parts also the power supply has three +12V rails whit 19 amprange on them,and on +3.3V rails it has 25 amps and on the +5V it has 25 amps.

Intel Core I7 930 2.8GHZ 8MB LVL 3 Cache

XFX GeForce 260GTX Core 216 one video card.

Corsair 3X2GB 1600MHZ Memorys total (6)GB,Tri Channel,DIMM CL8 KIT.

INTEL ATX X58 LGA1366 FSB1600 DDR3 RAID,Motherboard

I will not really have any money left to buy a new Power Supply so im really worried about it that would it work or not.

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  1. you should be fine
  2. Not counting things like HDDs, fans, USB devices and such, I'm getting just over 300W calculated. Even factoring in 20% increase over that + those extras (which is what I tend to do), you should be totally fine.
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