Newbie-First Build-Need Case/MOBO/CPU Suggestions

I would really like a case/motherboard combo that allows me to have Firewire/USB/Audio Ports on the front of the case. Maybe even a card reader.

After reading many of your posts and doing some research I would like to go with an AMD64/Socket 939 Processor with a board and case that will allow me to do the above.

I am a quasi-gamer, getting into the AV thing and budget is going to be less than $1k.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance
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  1. What components do you have right now? Do you plan on upgrading this PC or run it into the ground and then buy/build another? Are you going to overclock? Wat games do you want to play on this machine? What type of AV will you be doing?

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  2. Believe I just replied to a similair question.

    Choose whatever Asus/Abit/MSI/Soltek/Epox/DFI/Gigabyte board has what you need and make sure there aren't major issues.

    Buy a gig of RAM, 2*512 for s939.

    Buy a good PSU.
  3. I am going to build this from the ground up. This will be my 2nd desktop. I will be buying all new components.

    I would definitely like the potential of upgrading. I will absolutely add a video card so onboard is not important to me.

    Don't you need special connectors on the board to be able to add ports to the front or can you buy an expansion card to do the same thing?

    I like the Athlon 64 3000+ and am looking at Gigabyte and Asus boards currently. But I can't figure out if they have those onboard connectors.

    The case and the fan I planned on purchasing as one, or would you buy them separate? 400W Antec was what I planned on getting.

    The games: Your standards (Halo, SOF etc). AV, just bought a digital camcorder so I would like to get into video editing. I will buy 160GB-200GB SATA hdd for storage.

    I don't plan on overclocking so I thought I would buy retail. Have you had much success with OEM? Maybe I should buy OEM and overclock though going from my 1.2GHz to this is going to be a major upgrade already.

  4. Good stuff.

    Where are some good sites to go to to research a board that draws your interest, like the GIGBYTE GA-K8NS or Abit AV8?

    Also, how can you tell if they support front case ports?
  5. All current boards that offer Firewire also have internal headers for connecting a front port Firewire cable. The same is true of USB.

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  6. Anandtech periodically releases a system building guide chosing the best components for a particular use along with alernatives and the reasoning behind those choices.

    Of course these guides are usually months old, but its a good starting place.

    And of course whatever you decide upon, post your shopping list and get some feedback.

    Also please elaborate on the "getting into the AV thing".

    What is it you are interested in ?
    outputing to a TV
    outputing to a home theater reciever
    recording/ timeshifting TV
    a remote control
    video editing
    audio recording & editing

    Do you already have a monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse or are they going to be included in the $1000?

    Do you want a fancy looking case, or just something that gets the job done at a minimal cost?
  7. Thanks for your help. After reading much the past 24-48 hours here it goes.

    Athlon 64 3000+ (Newcastle)
    Socket 754
    Process .13 Micron
    ABIT KV8 PRO K8T800 Chipset
    Just bought case from local retailer 500W PSU
    Video Card 6600?
    HDD and other peripherals will be purchased once I have the mobo and cpu

    As far as AV I just want to be able to download and edit video from my camcorder, edit with Pinnacle software, and be able to burn to DVD or output through TV.

    What do you think of the board/CPU combo?
  8. Zad - well, the ports being on the front really is more of a question of both mobo & case. The case will have to have the ports on the front and as Crash mentioned -- most mobos have other onboard connectors that you can plug your wire(s) into from the case wiring.

    I think we'd like to know what case & PSU you got ... for what you're doing, I'd guess it will be fine but sometimes you might get some cheap/crappy psus.

    don't know about that particular amd based abit board but i like Abit boards on the intel side and they seem to be pretty good company. Probably a good idea to look at recent reviews on the 939 mobos and just see what people are saying and pick one and go for it. Good luck.
  9. I bought a Dynex with an Allied PSU 500W.

    After reading reviews on this site it appeared to me that I want to stay away from the N3 chipset because of compatibility issues.

    The 754 seemed to be the safer route.
  10. What type of compatibility issues ar eyou taliking about? Do you have a clicky so I can go read?

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
    - John Paul Jones
  11. That camcorder, it digital or do you need to squeeze a video capture card into the budget?

    Any video card with S-Video will do for outputing to tv.

    If you like the idea of having two flat pannels you might one one with two DVI ports (& two adapters), that configuration is gaining popularity.

    In my opinion the Geforce 6600 GT is the one to go with if you are looking to spend arround $200.

    I like Abit, nothing but good experiences with them.

    Not sure if NF3 is something you should summarily dismiss.

    The reason people are asking about the powersupply is that the wattage by itself is almost meaningless except when comparing PSU's of the same brand.

    One of the first things you will do once you system is up and running is to stress test it and see if its 100% stable.
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