Pc goes in slow motion while playing on line

Hello all can anyone help, while playing on line game call of duty mod warfare 1, after 10 to 15 minutes the game play goes in slow motion for a couple of minutes and my ping shoots right up,
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  1. We'll need more specs.
    connection (wireless/cable etc.)

    my first thoughts are heat or power.
  2. xp pro, 500g hard drive, 4g ram, 8600gt super 512 mb /128bit
    cable connection.

    have cleaned fans and fan on 8600gt temp reached 115 when not in game holds about 60 to 80 d
  3. 128bit connection? Do you mean 128KB?
    115 sounds a little high to me, is that 115C?
    What power supply?
    What resolution do you play at?
    Does the same thing happen in single-player?
  4. sorry yes it did hit 115c,
    unsure of power supply, res is 1280 by 720 pixels.
    have,nt tried it on single play as its just happened been fine for 18 months,
    i have a amd athlon(tm) 64x2 dual core 2.60 ghz
  5. I would have said that's your problem. is there any way you clean out the GPU cooler?
  6. is that on the processor if so i have just done, just been on game to test but only got a short time to test for about 10minutes when i came off the temp was 74c it is droppping now and is around 66c. try a longer test latter to see if temp goes up again.

    if it does could the processor be on way out ? and would adding a extra fan help?
    thank you for your help
  7. make sure the 8600's heat sink is contacting the gpu perfectly, i cooked a 6600gt with not having proper contact to the gpu. if the 86 is using a push pin type heatsink it may have rubber feet under the cooler that have swelled with heat and will push the heat sink away from the gpu, if so shave them down or take them off..it happened to my old 66gt but i figured it out to late and the cards ram was cooked (glitched all over).
  8. thanks pkwa, I will try that, cleaned heatsink on cpu, and the 8600 got a load of dust out of the 8600 but temp still hovers about 70 to 87 when not playing game but it will reach 112 - 115.tho unsure of what tpye is on 8600 will look tho.
  9. hi have already posted somethink about this but, now I understand a little more.
    the problem is when playingonline gaming but pc tells me the heatsink is overheating, 111 - 115c but when not playing the temp goes from 57c upto 80c but i have given the heatsink pc fan a good clean, and the heatsink on the graphic card,

    so my question is, is my graphic card heatsink on the way out or both,
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