Who wants a free SC2 Trial CD Key?

Hopefully this is ok to give out. I recently bought a MSI 460 GTX video card and it came with a trial of SC2. 7 Hours or 14 days trial.

Since this is such a great community and has taught me tons about PCs, I thought I'd give it to someone in the community.

I'm going to leave this up for about 1 day, maybe 2. If there is little interest in this I'll probably give it to the first poster. However, if there is someone who regularly helps the community or has personally helped me a bit and wants to try SC2 out, I'll give it to them. (First one out of those to post will get it.)
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  1. I'll take it if there's no other interest, if you don't mind :).
  2. I'm a bit surprised. No other interest in trying out Starcraft 2?
  3. yeah I'd like to give it to a top ranked person who helps, but if they already have the game or aren't interested in trying it, it will go to waste. I just want to give it to someone who is going to use it.
  4. I'd love it if one is going spare! PM me if so! :)
  5. Well i already have the game its actually pretty great. :D
  6. ok well since jzcaesar pmed me and doesn't want it anymore, Parge gets it.
  7. Well.. i haven't tried out the game yet - and i have looked for a key in days.. :(
    I wan't to try the game out before i'll buy it. :)

  8. hey man i really want to try out sc2 to c if it works on my comp. problem is i don't have a way of doing that, so if u can help out with a cd-key that would be greatly appreciated
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