Will they ever put PC games on blu-ray disks?

Will they ever start putting PC games on blu-ray disks? I know a few PS3 games are on blu-ray like Metal Gear Solid 4.

Blu-ray disks are capable of holding vastly more amounts of data than a DVD.
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  1. Quote:
    All ps3 games use blueray.

    Will PC games ever be put on them?
  2. Of course they will. Games are getting larger and larger.
  3. most likely, games did move from floppy disk to cd and then cd to dvd

    once you start seeing games shipping with multiple dvds inside, then you can pretty much tell blu-ray gaming is on the horizon
  4. jefe323 said:
    most likely, games did move from floppy disk to cd and then cd to dvd

    once you start seeing games shipping with multiple dvds inside, then you can pretty much tell blu-ray gaming is on the horizon

    even still its hard to say since there has to be quite a bit of market penetration of the drives before you can release it on a new format
  5. At first glance it seems obvious that PC games will go to Blu-ray, but on second thought I'm not so sure. PCs have been slow adopt Blu-ray, at least compared to how fast they started using CDs and DVDs. Not too many PCs are being sold with Blu-ray drives and the medium is still relatively expensive. More importantly there already exists a medium capable of holding more data than Blu-ray, is cheaper, and is already accessible to more PCs - that being digital downloads. There already are games larger than a single DVD and neither Blu-ray nor multiple DVDs are necessary. I don't really see a compelling reason for PCs to have Blu-ray drives as a standard. Honestly I think the days of plastic discs are coming to an end.
  6. blu ray media is expensive, but if you really think about it, the price is not too bad

    for consumers; you can find a 50 pack of discs for $80-$90. a 50 pack of dvds cost about $20. Your standard dvd holds about 4.7GB of data. A single layer blu ray holds 25GB of data. so a blu ray holds about 4 times the amount of data, so you would figure it would cost 4 times as much (which it does)

    the prices i listed were found on and are present prices. when dvds started coming out, they cost more then they do today. I predict that blu-rays will start coming down in price sooner or later and they will become a much more competitive alternative to dvd.

    Blu ray drives are also becoming more popular, but it is still a relatively new tech and drives are still expensive when compared to dvd drives. With a larger shift to blu ray and away from dvd, a imagine blu ray drive prices will come down

    digital download is very popular and will stay that way, but with game sizes increasing and bandwith staying the same, i for one don't want to wait that long for a game that is 25gb when i can just go to the store and pick it up on a blu ray drive
  7. Eventually they will but thats assuming PC gamming hasn't died off completly by then. (hopefully by gettting better anti piracy tech)
  8. Considering how few PC's have a blu-ray drive? Once we get to installs that need 3-6 DVD's, then we can argue again, but as long as we can fit games on one or two DVD's, there is no incentive whatsoever to change formats.
  9. In my opinion, it will take a few or several years for PC games to be published on Blur-Rays. The number of users with Blu-Ray players in PC will have to be high enough to justify publishers to release games in that format.

    I could be wrong, but I think even the "largest" PC game only needs two DVDs. Therefore, there is no need.
  10. I dont think we still need blu-ray disks for games since even if the game needs 4 DVD disks or 2 double-layered DVD's,you install the game, then you dont have to use all the DVD's again instead you only need the 1st one to start the game (or none depending on the game) so Blu-Ray's are still not necesary,i believe that only when the developers need more than 2 double-layered DVD's, then time will be right to replace DVD's with Blu-Ray discs but now it would only be an extra cost.

    On the other hand,BD discs are a great replacement for DVD when watching videos/movies(especially if they are HD),thats because movies do not need to be installed,you just instert them and click play(with the exception if you bought them online,then you need to store them on your hard drive).So BD discs are great for watching movies especially if they are long and HD,nobody wants to watch movies in parts
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