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Hi everyone, first time poster.

I can run all source games perfectly, CSS on highest, DoDS, HL2, EP1, EP2, etc
I run Gmod on all highest with x6 AA without any lag whatsoever

However, when I play TF2, I get random stuttering on maps such as 2fort (Medium settings, 2x AA) and it doesnt make sense to me since both gmod and TF2 are both source games.

So yeah Like I said i get prefect FPS on gmod but get this annoying stuttering on TF2 especially when there is more than 10 people fights


Windows Vista
2.5GB Ram
2.5GhZ Dual core processor
nVidia geforce gt220

as far as im concerned those specs are enough to play the game on medium/high without lag.

Any help ?
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  1. don't use the anti aliasing in this game and your gt 220 is not that good to go for AA...and also reducing the resolution can help....the different game engine's are the problem here...
  2. How fast is your internet connection? I get internet lag sometimes when playing TF2, and that can cause some annoying shuttering and what not.
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