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I was planning a staged upgrade/new system build and purchased an ATI 9800 pro graphic card. It is running in my old rig right now.

My problem is that it is AGP.

I want to build a new system but would like it to be upgradeable.

Does anyone know of a MoBo that can support both AGP (not ready to write my new card off for a year or so) and PCI express? Oh and it has to support AMD 64.
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  1. I believe VIA has an Intel solution, no A64 solutions yet.
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about your AGP slot being phased out any time soon. There's a good chance that you won't see new AGP slot cards being produced in 3 years from now, but in the meantime you should be alright and by then you would want to completely overhaul your system for a new system anyway if you had purchased today's technology for a new system build.... remember how long it took for ISA to get completely phased after the introduction of PCI?

    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.
  3. There is never going to be a PCI-e/AGP AMD board.
  4. Why wont VIA do one for AMD's.

    The sales would be worth it.

    Is there a reason why not for amds?
  5. Bump

    Let me/us know if they r bringin out board for amd 939's as that would easy my upgrade pain.
  6. If its the one I am thinking of all VIA did was convert a PCI slot to an AGP. It was 1x AGP performance, if that.

    No one is going to design a northbridge with both AGP and PCI-e support.
  7. Sorry but why the hell not. Its got to be seen as a much more logical upgrade path.

    Come on think of all those people with high cost agp cards dying to switch to amd 64 proc's. and with the option to then later upgrade to PCI-e.

    Via are doing it for intel's and its not just some bodge solution like ECS's (i think it is them). So why not for amd.

    Why O why O why O not.
  8. And still Via has a solution with AGP and PCI-express on the northbridge for Intel.

    8x AGP, PCI-express at 4x.


    Didn't realise you were probably talking about AMD only.
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  9. Isnt regular PCI-E video cards slots 16xand when running in SLI mode 2-8x slots.

    I know not now. But in the near furture games might overwhelm a 4x PCI-E slot. Making it necessary to upgrade the motherboard to one that supports a 8x or 16x video card slot.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  10. Actually there is a athlon 64, mobo socket 754 that supports AGP and PCI-express. It's a board made from Asus.
    Type this in on your address or go to newegg.

    sorry couldn't figure out how to make it a internet shortcut.
  11. Quote:
    sorry couldn't figure out how to make it a internet shortcut.

    Read the FAQ, man, read the FAQ! I wont tell you either

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  12. I didn't know about that chipset, I stand corrected.

    4x seems a bit slow compared to 16x, but it will hopefully be enough for the next generation of video cards.

    The 1x PCI-e slot on the SIS board is too slow for even the current generation of video cards. Even 2x falls short.
  13. I believe I've seen graphs saying that, for the moment, 4x doesn't really matter (in games, not with 3d design etc). 2x is limiting. I think VIA will have to upgrade to 8x soon to make sure they have something worth selling.
  14. Hmmm 754 would defeat the upgrade path purposes. I wonder what engineering genius thought of this??

    We need a 939!
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