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I'm about to upgrade my system I have ATI X800 XT AGP 8x graphic card but I want to get a PCIe motherboard.

There was a motherboard which had both AGP and PCIe slots on it but that motherboard was for Intel. Since I want to get AMD 64 3500 I can't buy it. So my question is. Are there motherboards coming out for AMD which have both AGP and PCIe slots anytime soon?
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  1. You might get lucky if u asked in a mobo maker forum or asked them for info.

    ECS likes to make transitionary mobos.
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    Maybe you were talking about this mobo? <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  2. Yeah I think that was it. I found the MSI forum. Any other forums I should post on? I really appreciate your help.
  3. Whomever you want to encourage to make such a board.

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  4. The only chipset that might come out would be made by via. I would go with an nforce3 board, unless you can get a good price for your old video card.
  5. Carefull with the transition boards with AGP/PCI-e, since they do not have a real AGP card slot, and tends to shorten the life of the AGP video card, and the one you have is costly...

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  6. The VIA Intel solution is alright though... It has a real PCI-e and AGP slot.
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