May just be another Dragon Age Origins WTF thread!

ok, so I stopped playing DAO a while ago because it had just come out and stuff just didn't work in the game.

So I downloaded the latest patch, and as far as I can tell its still impossible. Tactics just DO NOT WORK. Im in redclif, helping the vilagers, I have my tactics set so my characters will use health poultices when their health gets lower than 25%.

So im playing, and all of a sudden 2 of them just die, and im like WTF out of health poultices alwready?? but nope, still have all of them.

So wtf?

is this game never gonna work how it should? or am I doing somthing wrong? (health poultice use is the first 2 tactics (each strenght))

also, I send my guys in to attack, and they just stand there, I have to click on every enemy, they only attack one at a time then I have to click on another, its retarded.


*pissed I payed 50 bucks for this...*
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  1. It's quite possible that they died before they managed to drink it. Happens.
    The second one is weird. I don't recall how exactly does it work there, but it's possible they still had "Stand there" command in their virtual heads. So how did you send them to kill stuff?
  2. Characters die quickly early on [especially Sten, as he lacks the armor/constitution necessary to live for long periods].

    Also, tactics are carried out, in ORDER. So if the bottom tactic is drink a health police, they will not do so unless every other tactic is not capable of being used.

    As a rule, if you need to heal a character, pause the game and do it manually. If you do this through tactics, you will NEVER have enough polices [well, until you have herbalism and can make almost unlimited potions...].

    As for the not-attacking, make sure you do not have the parties movement set to "hold". Look at the icons underneath the party portaits to make sure they are not holding posititon, which disables all their movement.
  3. How long have you played in total? I felt really awkward with party control for a while but I got a lot better at it after changing the options around.

    Yeah I remember having that as well where they go to attack and just stand around. Do you have them set to defensive behavior? I think in that mode, they won't attack unless someone is hitting them.

    It seems like I had to set my characters to an aggressive behavior and then really pay attention to the hold position button so that they didn't go rushing off to every enemy.
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