Starcraft 2 Ultra Settings and my laptop plz help

These are the specs of my laptop

Dell XPS 1530 Laptop
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU @ 2.00 Ghz
4 MB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

I'm able to play using low settings. I would like to know what I need to change/upgrade/buy new to be able to play at Ultra settings.

During large battels the game really slows down for me, tells me to shut off other programs because my gpu is slowing the game.

I just reformatted to original box settings. Downloaded and installed every currant windows vista patch.

What do i need todo?

I'm considering a new computer all together.
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  1. you probably need a really good video card.

    my friend spent 1000 usd on a video card and it runs perfectly fine on ultra settings (everything maxed)
  2. You don't need a really good gfx card. Like most RTS games, they use alot of CPU power, so upgrading your CPU as well won't hurt. Unfortunately you've got a laptop which is just not worth upgrading. So If you want something better you want to get a PC, besides you can upgrade it unlike a laptop.

    What you need is a fast dual core CPU and overlcock it. But personally I would prefer a quad core and overclock to 3.6Ghz or something. Gfx card wise I think a ATI HD 5770 will do you fine.
  3. I dont think you can upgrade a laptop
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