Mafia 2 Demo?

Mafia 2 demo coming out on 10th Augest.Would this demo only for steam?
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  1. According my info it will be only on steam and Xbox live yeah.
  2. hmm i am playin the demo on steam and the game seems to hang very much dont know the reason why
  3. what are your system specs, it is a very demanding game
  4. Lol I played it and am mad at had badly it performs with that 1 Nvidia physics option turned on, but then agian I have radeon cards =p! Man I hate games like this that favor 1 card over another!! I get an avereage of 30fps wit the physics set to medium and I get an average of like 15 with it set to high and i have 2 5900s! I bet i owuld get better performance on a single 480 than these 2 5900s!!! jeez...
  5. You shouldn't put on Physics if you got an ATI Radeon card, of course it will perform worst. W/o the Physics on it will perform like the PS3/XBox360-version with some upscaled graphics.
  6. the physx option is for nvidia cards only...
  7. Remember this is only a demo and it will probably be more stable at release.
  8. @Max
    What are your system specs?

    The demo runs smooth for me at high details with no hanging. Can't wait for the full game to be released!
  9. jefe323 said:
    the physx option is for nvidia cards only...

    It still works on ATI cards, just REALLY badly. I like the feature and it performs enough to keep it on medium.
  10. Yeah I can run the demo on all high but it starts to choke (on the Performance Test) when I turn the Physix on. Not complaining about it (yet) but it is concerning since I built the rig less than 3 months ago. Hoping that this might be due to rough code.

    BTW I'm running a eVGA 470, i5-750 and my current monitor maxes out at 1280x1024.
  11. I have a GTX295 and I get 55-60 frames maxed out on 1920 x 1200 with AA urned on (though I see no difference in the jaggyness), but when I turn Physx on (medium), the framerate drown down to 20 and on high, it slows down to a crawl @ 10 FPS. Physx is just frickin crazy.
  12. ^^ Advanced, dynamic physics can do that. Mafia II at least is one game I'd clearly take PhysX over any other graphical feature though.
  13. So you're saying turn down the eye candy a bit and let PhysX rip?
  14. For Mafia II, yes. It makes very good use of the API. That being said, I suspect a massive performance hit in any case...

    Try running it for a bit and see which you prefer: The better graphical features, or the extra effects PhysX brings.
  15. Hi guyz sorry for the late reply i was busy playing starcraft 2.... :D

    My specs are:
    Intel DP35DP Motherboard
    Intel Quad Core Q8300 2.50 ghz
    HIS HD 5750 ICEQ+ 512mb GDDR5
    550w coolmax PSU

    For Mafia 2, when i was setting physx to medium it ran on 30fps it was a massive slowdown for the game. I personally like the better graphical features rather then turning on the Physx. For physx i will run mafia 2 on my brother's computer. He has geforce gt 240 so high physx wont be a problem.
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