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I bought and installed CNC4 on my 64 bit Win 7 Professional Intel based rig and I played it two days ago, then last night again but now try to start it and all I get is nothing, or the sence of nothing. Task Manager tells me its running and I see my core working hard, I see the inital splash screen but then nothing. So I waited 5 minutes, checked to make sure my internet connection was properly turned on before I started. What gives?
Other games like Dirt2 and apps just fly up when I single click on them so what's with CNC4? Another huge download?
Thanks to the community. :(
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  1. Assuming you have it on steam, doa "verify integrity of game cache" and see if steam detects any indescrepancies. You can also try a system restore...but failing that, it's a complete redownload of the game ;-) enjoy
  2. Well, for all of you that have this problem of CNC4 not loading, or getting the splash screen and then nothing I think I have found the culprit and I think this will work on all whom have had this problem in what ever config you have.
    As mentioned when I installed CNC4 I was using the ATI driver 10.7 and it ran and played just fine but since my rig is a newish install I will and still will be fiddling for the next month or so to make me feel that the system is running full capacity. So on the thrid day after reading more forums on SSDs and Marvel contrllers I thought it best to move my SSD off the 6GB/s port to the 3GB/s port. I rebooted and all seemed fine, even my drive letters looked OK but I did not pay too much attention to this. What I had done the day before was to change the path of all my Appdata/Temp & Windows/TEMP and my Environment Variables off my SSD to my next drive which what seen as H: drive. (Of course this is after a lot of forthought) So when I started my desktop all drivers loaded and all my other programs worked just fine but not CNC4 and I gave up and bought another game. Just as you would have it ATI just came out with a new driver version 10.7a so I got home and did what you are supposed to do, de-install the old driver before installing the new one. This is where things started to get strange. When the ATI de-install wizard got to the part of populating the list of drivers to automatically removed them my Win7 locked up solid. I mean it froze completly, nothing and I mean every process, thread or bckground activity stopped. I had not seen this since Win97. I rebooted normally and all the drivers loaded ad everything worked like it should but wasn't able to remove the ATI 10.7 driver, after a few hours of work arounds I decided to bite the bullet and reinstall frm scratch. Since I was not planning to move any HW off any ports, etc. I figured I would beahead in the log run and I am glad to say I was. Right after the install I updated all my MOBO drivers, made sure the AHCI mode was turned on and install the latest Intel SSD chipset driver. This also included the ATI 5970 driver that came with the card. I then reset all my variables off te SSD onto the next drive, here I noticed that the new installed had renamed all my drive letters, my H: drive was now D: drive. So I made sure my Variable for my TMP paths pointed to the correct drive. Then I decided to replace the older ATI 10.7 driver with the 10.7a driver. That worked like a dream and just like it was supposed to. I then installed CNC4 and Battelfield 2 and they both work just fine. MY CONCLUSION: Anyone that complains about Win 7 64 bit or 3 bit where the games don't load or you only get te splash screen, well its all about the way games are written to check your system configuration. Programmers will call on the OS to ask what the setup is assuming that the OS is reliable, this, I think is why the wheels fall off sometimes. The fucntion call on the the OS from the game to check for video parameters just were not forthcoming since I changed the drive's port so the OS thought it lost all its info and never returned values to the game. The game simply stayed in "standby mode" waiting forever t to the next part of the load. No wonder tech support can't fix the problem because it's not abvious and it depends on what and how we do home builds. Sometimes we get the sequenc right and sometimes we don't. So it had nothing to do with bad drivers or bad operating systems or bad games but simply an enthusiast home builder that knew just enoguh to be dangerous - to himself. :D
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