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I have a very old machine (Pentium 3 550Mhz). I dismantle it long ago as the example of understanding computer architecture. Now, I would like to use it for Linux learning. All component is still goods (seems that old stuff lasts longer than nowaday).

However, I could not get the mahcine to boot. All it said was: Operating system not found. The CD-ROM is conected and as well as hard disk. Del button pressing does not return anything other than Operating system no foudn error. So it is that the BIOS is dead.

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  1. The message means it is looking for an operating system!!!
    It could not find one using your boot sequence.

    What is your boot sequence? Was this machine or motherboard something like a Compaq or Dell ?

    The loving are the daring!
  2. It is HP. I also would like to set the boot sequence but as I said Del button does not work. Regardless of presing Del button or not, the mahcine just goes to Operating System not found.
  3. HP has been know to use F1 to get into bios. I remember one time having to hit all the F1 through F12 keys to get into bios in an HP system as well.
    Chances are pretty good that the original os has degraded, you may be better off putting a win98 floppy in, to boot from.
  4. Or try a bootable CD instead of a floppy.

    Instead of F1 it could also be F8, have seen it before.
  5. you are right. It is F1. I was so stupid to think that only Del works as set up button. Thanks
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