Mafia 2 demo now available

mafia 2 demo now available through steam. check it out!
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  1. also i hope you dont mind if you just want to free roam you can only do it for 10 minutes so theirs this patch you can download and it makes it so the time never runs out, but i think it makes the demo alot less stable becuase it's been freezing on me alot after the patch, BUT BEST DEMO EVER AND GAME OF THE YEAR
  2. Can you tell me about the patch? :) i have been looking forward to play this demo after the news of the demo :D too excited for it ... but i dont know why they only released it for steam :( steam is very slow :pfff:
  3. they released it only on steam because the game is being released with steamworks (meaning you have to play it through steam)
  4. Steam is slow? I have no problems with Steam on my system.
  5. okay the patch is now a trainer i guess but it still freezes the timer (meaning unlimited time) i dunno if it'll still make it not as stable but yea but it also gives you unlimited ammo and health but i but you could turn that off if you wanted (i would i wanted it to be normal just no timer)

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