Windows 7 RC to final version?

Okay, mabye I'm just being stubborn, but has anyone seen any workarounds yet to allow going from RC to the final version of Windows 7 without doing a clean install? I like my RC system and hate to think of having to do it over again.
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  1. I think you're out of luck there. The RC is about 500 builds away from the final version (7100 vs 7600), and to my knowledge MS have stated that their won't be an in-place upgrade from RC to final. You can't even do that with RTM, which is essentially the same software as final.

    As tempting as it was to make the RC my primary OS, I stuck with a dual-boot for precisely this reason. It really is a try-before-you-buy option.
  2. It is possible to upgrade from the W7RC to the RTM version, read post 93 page 10:
    However as the RC is the Ultimate eddition so you will need an Ulimate upgrade disk.
  3. Read this. it is possible, but not recommended.
  4. Agree.I would not recommend upgrading from RC to full version either.
    I know it takes a lot of time, but if you can, it'd be better to backup all of your data and go for a clean install. Me and many of my friends using Win7 RC are going to do that after we get our own full Win7s.
  5. Agreed. 7 can be upgraded from RC to RTM, but it should be avoided at all costs. Better to just do a clean install.
  6. I upgraded from the RC to RTM and I am having no problems at all.
  7. mde215 said:
    I upgraded from the RC to RTM and I am having no problems at all.

    I didn't say it would cause problems, rather, I implied that it could cause problems. Many upgrade attempts go flawlessly. But statistically, it's better to just wipe the machine out after backing up your data, and do a clean install.
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