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Yo! Wassup? I have the following problem: my computer freezes from time to time if I have more than 64MB of memory in the MB. For example 3dMark 2K does not complete, it give me errors like: "corrupted files" or "error decompressing ... .pcx".
I have a MS 6163 VA mb, with Celeron 400 currently running @ 600MHZ, 128 MB SDRAM. I have to specify that before I attempted to overclock to 675MHz everything was OK, it was perfectly stable, I could run 3dMark for 2-3 days without any problem. After that 675MHz trial, I have the problems I told you about. I also have to say, that the SDRAMs are OK (tried in other PC), and it is not coming from the CPU side, because it is also not completing the 3dmark with another, 333 Celeron (it gives the same arror). I tried to re-flash the bios, change bios chip, reinstall windows and 3dMark. So please help me ASAP!!!!!!!!
Also, It freezes when running very memory intensive apps.
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  1. Sounds like a memory or power problem. Run SiSoft Sandra and Memtest86 to test the memory. Also log your voltages using something like MBM5.

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  2. What are your memory timings? Is it possible to change them with that board?
    I think you might have fried the chipset. At which FSB and multiplier were you running the board and which chipset does it have?
  3. I can set the CAS latency, now it's 3, so it is the slowest. I do not have any other memory timing setting option. As you said, probably the chipset is fried. Still, I do not understand how can something like this happen. By the manual, that MB supports PIII up to 800MHz, so where's the problem?
    OK, the Chipset is VIA Apollo Pro, FSB is 100MHz, multiplier is locked for my Celeron, so it is like 6x (and is 5x for the 333 Celeron).

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  4. Memory intensive? For example ye stupid windoze MediaPlayer vis. Or another thing that happened: I tried to install Acrobat Reader 6.0. It is some sort of self-extracting archive, that extracts everything into memory. At the first attempt it throws me an error, saying corrupted compressed file. At the second attempt, everything went OK. But, for instance, I ain't got no problems in 3D games! So, please explain this!
  5. What is the highest supported FSB for that chipset? If it's 100 you could have destroyed it by going to 112.
  6. Well, I guess the max. is 100MHz. The issue was, that I had to make a BIOS update, and I got a bios, which is for a newer MSI MB, the 6199, which, I think, support hihger FSB's (max. 133). Everybody, including MSI, told me, that the 6163VA and the 6199 is basically the same MB, with only a few "minor" differences. The first thing that is different is the PLL chip, which is a cypress w124-G, and on the 6199 is a newer ICS chip. Who the f*** would have known, than this could make such a disaster? Since I'ma electronics freak, 'was thinking, that extra 12 MHZ should not hurt, maybe cause only lockups. loox like I was wrong. Still don't understand how can some transistor be fried with extra MHZ???
  7. still another interesting turn-over. I put the FSB back to 66 MHZ and the 3dMark has been completed successfully. After that I've put it to 100, and everything was ok, 3dmark completed again. Please tell me what happened? I started not to understand the things are going on...
  8. Maybe something with hidden BIOS settings?? I really wouldn't know. Sounds like you defried the mobo.
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