No Audio when playing my PS3

I have my surround sound hooked up via HDMI and even tried Optical, but i get no audio when playing ps3, i get the surround to work when watching tv. whcih is hooked up with a HDMI

I have a Yamaha HTR-6130 REceiver and I have the hdmi going from DVD on the receiver to the PS3.....Also have an HDMI going out of receiver to TV. Also have a HDMI out of receiver to Satellite box.

I have played with the sound setting on the ps3 with no luck....i have not messed with any setting in my works fine when watching tv, just nothing when trying to hear ps3
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  1. have you tried hooking up the ps3 to the tv directly?
  2. jefe323 said:
    have you tried hooking up the ps3 to the tv directly?

    I have not, i have everything running thru my Surrond sound to the tv
  3. try connecting to the tv
  4. I get sound to the tv, just not the surround...i have to use my tv audio every time i watch a movie or gaming on the ps3 so the sound is there, just have to figure out why i cannot get it thru the surround sound....does that make sense?
  5. Some surround sound amps do not support HDMI audio.... So while the picture maybe be sent via HDMI audio might have to go an alternative route (optical / coax)
  6. I have 2 options on my audio receiver for optical, DTV/Cable whcih i have one into that and into the satellite box, and the other says CD on the receiver. The DVD has a label that reads coax and looks orange......So if i come out of my PS3 with this optical where would i plug it into.
  7. This is what i have....HDMI out of TV into audio receiver.....I have HDMI cables from receiver to Satellite box and to PS3, opitcal in to receiver from satellite box.
  8. MAke sure you have the right output connector selected from the PS3's audio menu, and make sure only supported formats your reciever can decode are selected. My recommendation is to test with 2.0 PCM until you get the problem sorted out.
  9. How do I do the 2.0 PCM test?
  10. Go to the sound settings, and make sure the only format selected in PCM 2.0. Limit yourself to a 44.1/48KHz sample rate, just ot make sure the format is supported.

    If you can't even detect 2.0 PCM, then its almost certianly a connection problem.
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