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Would my system be able to play starcraft II?

I thinking about buying a lenovo L412 laptop. I will mostly use this for work, but I would also like to occasionally play starcraft II on it.
My specs are:
Intel i3-370M
Intel HM55 Express Chipset w/ 512MB ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5145
160 GB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm

Would this system suffice to play the game?
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    yes the game should run. but you'll probably have to turn the settings down to Low. SC2 system requirements arent very high
  2. Your system is GREAT & its almost new go for it ..{ only hardware that is low your VGA CARD !!! you may need to play on lower setings ... GOOD LUCK
  3. Ati 5145 isn't much of a great card but still you can play this game on lower resolution and maybe at lower settings too...
  4. As i said !!!
  5. Starcraft 2: System requirements regarding AMD-CPUs
    AMD Thunderbird CPUs with up to 1,2 GHz are generally excluded. Athlon XP with a rating of 2200+ or above will be sufficient. Athlon-64-CPUs with 2,2 GHz or more will also do. Sempron-CPUs will probably cause problems due to their lack of cache. With first-generation Phenoms with "00"-ending (i.e. 9600), the gaming experience might suffer from the TLB-fix and performance drops related with it. The Phenoms with "50"-ending (i.e. 9750) won't cause any trouble, except for the slowest ones. The Athlon-II- and Phenom-II-family exceed the requirements without an exception.

    Starcraft 2: System requirements regarding Intel-CPUs
    Intel Pentium-III-processors are excluded. Pentium 4 or -D processors should clock at 2,6 GHz or higher. Core-2-processors fulfil the minimum requirements when clocked at least at 1,8 GHz. Blizzard couldn't make any clear statement concerning Celeron processors, since they originate from either the Pentium-4-family or the Core-2-family. i3, i5 and i7-processors exceed minimum requirements with no exception.

    Starcraft 2: System requirements regarding GPUs
    The minimum required graphics cards are the Nvidia Geforce 6600 or the Ati Radeon 9800. Blizzard advises their customers to consult the list on tom's hardware. Common graphics cards or chips that can be excluded for sure are:
    - Nvidia Geforce 6150, 6200, 7150, 8300, 8400, 9100, 9300
    - Ati Radeon Xpress 200, 1150, 1250, X1050, 8500-9600, X300-600
    - All Intel GMA-Chips except for the ones in i3-/i5-processors, although Blizzard is not sure about the Clarkdale-GPUs.

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