a64 with SP2?

i remember a while ago that many people with A64's were having problems installing service pack 2 and getting windows to boot, has this issue been resolved as of yet? i tried to install sp2 a while ago and i had no luck :( suggestions?


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  1. I never had problems installing sp2 on my a64. even from updating my existing installation to a fresh install with sp2 integrated.

    Do you try to update while overclocked? do you have any antivirus running while you try to update? Did youtry to update a fresh install or simply updating in safe mode?What if you disable all onboard stuff and remove your sound card and non necessary for now card in your machine?

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  2. i have had no problem with sp 2 and a 64, msi neo 2 platinum.

    this is my boomstick!
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