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Medal of Honour BETA

Anyone tried Medal of Honour BETA? I got it with BC2 from Steam, but haven't been able to play it. Everytime I run the game, it immediately starts to connect to the server online....and gets stuck there!

Just wondering, what DOES the BETA have?
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  1. haha yeah its buggy as hell. Mine froze up when I tried to rage in the chat system every time.

    plz plz plz don't buy this game or even play the beta thou. It looks exactly like every other shoooter made in the past 1-2 years. The 5 mins I was able to play successfully made it feel like an exact copy of bfbc2, but slightly worse.
  2. Yeah, I managed to get the Beta and had to say was quite unimpressed. While I don't have BF:BC2 of PC, I have it for the 360 and MoH looks, feels and plays almost exactly like it.

    But with it being EA I'm not really suprised...they are almost infamous with repacking what's already out there with miniscle changes and calling is a new game. I'm really nervous about Bioware cause EA is known to purchase developers for their IP's and then dismantle them entirely and either sit on the IP or turn them to dogcrap. See Bullfrog, Origin, Westwood.
  3. Hmm....good views here. But what I actually wanted to know (:P) was what's THERE in the BETA? Is it like a trial version/ demo of the game? Is it only online/ multiplayer play?
  4. The one I got was multiplayer beta only.

    Game I beleive is supposed to have single player campaign too but as stated it plays almost identical to BF:BC2 so I'm not sure how far they're going to deviate from that formula.
  5. So, it's like a demo for both the multiplayer AND the single player. Well, it's true....there's nothing new in new EA games, which hasn't been done by EA earlier. For eg: NFSMW and Carbon were identical to an extent. The MOH series is a good attempt to beat COD/ BFBC2, but they obviously don't come near! :) Though I DID like Vanguard quite a lot.

    Don't think I'll waste time on BETA then....or should I?
  6. Dice is the developer in charge of the MOH multiplayer and that might be why it plays so much like BFBC2 (Dice developed)
    Currently the beta is the online multiplayer only, I wouldnt think they would release any single player options prior to release, but I have been wrong before.
    I believe the single player is being developed by a different studio, so maybe it might be a little different?
  7. But do tell me....if the same developers of BC2 are working on MOH, then it should be good in a way, right? I mean, same concept, ideas, planning.....kinda like having more BC2 in a way, eh? I mean, we all loved BC2, so wouldn't we want more of it?

    I also believe there's an official 'extension' of BC2 in the pipeline.
  8. BFBC2: Vietnam is due in the Winter sometime from what i have heard, I only hope they dont charge full price for it.
    and I havent played the MOH Beta, but I keep hearing mixed reviews, nothing about the beta really intrigues me much.
  9. i have the beta and i played for awhile, but the multiplayer is exactly like bfbc2
  10. they should have just waited, not made bfbc2 or vietnam cliche and just finished bf3 by winter. I would be very happy with that.

    bf3 will pwnxorbbq all these fps clones.
  11. uhh your problem man is that its getting stuck at connecting becuase the beta has been over since like aguest 1st sorry man it was accually pretty decent though
  12. @Mithness:
    So I won't be able to give BETA a shot anymore or what? Coz I tried again over the weekend, but the same problem exists! :(

    And what about COD7? I hear its due out n November '10? I know that Crysis 2 has been pushed up to 2011....

    Vietnam looks like the next most anticipated game, even against COD7, imho.
  13. modern war and vietnam yeah....its the same ******* thing, but ya get the dreaded m16 and a lucky clean AK from a dead enemy.

    so tired of FPS cloning. Let me guess...multiplayer involves shooting each other with different guns this time. neat.
  14. Yeah well, at least in multi-player you're not playing against bots. Kinda why Left4Dead2 is so awesome! Every play is a new play, even though the maps are the same. There's always an element of unpredictability as far as other players are concerned. :)
  15. wait what about multiplayer and bots? Yeah I haven't shot multiplayer bots since counterstrike started to fall off and servers loaded up with more bots than ppl lol. I assume your talking about versus mode in l4d2. Ya that game is awesome and fairly original. Thats why it was a success and thats why it has so many clones as well.
  16. Yup, that one! I know what you mean by FPS cloning....kinda feel there's nothing original any more out there. I believe there was this other multiplayer....Event Horizon....dunno how it was though. Didn't hear too many reviews.
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    @namelessonez yea sorry you can't play the metal of honor beta anymore it was finished bit back, and cod7/BO might have a beta
  18. Well, thanks man....that kinda sux though. Would have loved to give it a shot at least. :(

    oh well....guess will have to wait for COD7/ Vietnam....
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