Is there a world war II type stratergy game available?


I was just wondering as stratergy is my favourite genre in gaming, is there a world war 2 type of game or modern army type game? Tired of the space age, command and conquer and star craft they cool but love military type games. :D

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  1. From the titles listed I'm guessing you want RTS. Check out Company of Hereos first and foremost. Also a more modern game (but no base building) is World in Conflict. Ruse also looks interesting but is most definetly not a traditional wargame.

    I *think* C&C Generals was a more modern, non-sci-fi take on RTS however I never played that one so I'm not certain.

    If you are more interested in historically accurate games and turn-based strategy check out Matrix games website.
  2. I shall do so thanks for the info
  3. Company of Heroes. No other WW2 game comes close.
  4. I think that will be a wise decision
  5. I was addicted to the old close combat series a long time ago
  6. Collie147 said:
    I was addicted to the old close combat series a long time ago

    Im still addicted,lol, Even though i like COD4 and thats first person i still prefer stratergy.
  7. Quote:
    Men of war.1 and 2

    Is that good as in gameplay/Graphics?
  8. Quote:
    I played both of them gameplay wise superb.typical RTS.some mission will take hours to are good also

    Sounds awsome, people still play online with that game?
  9. Quote:
    I didnot play online.AI is so hard that u need to be a expert of war strategy to complete levels in hard difficulty.

    Im so good at strategy i would be with the top leagues online,lol, :D
  10. desert oparations is good DO
  11. I noticed three games:

    World in conflict modern
    EndWar modern
    Company of heros WWII
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