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The Sims 3 Random Lag and Sound Cut Out

Hey everyone, I just recently updated my graphics card and PSU (from a geforce 9500gt and a 350w diablotek PSU to a ATI Radeon HD 5770 and a 550w corsair PSU). I play The Sims 3 quite frequently and I noticed that after a while of playing the game will lag (FPS drops from 80 to about 30) and the sound cuts off. This happened even before I made the upgrade to my computer (when I used to play with the Nvidia Geforce 9500GT), but I noticed it again last night when I was playing with my new setup. The strange thing is that if I leave the game on it will work through it and return to normal but when it does all the sounds that were cut out during the lagging period play right before it speeds back up (mostly the sound the game makes when changing the in game clock speed). I have no idea what this could be. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance! (btw, my drivers are all up to date and my system has 4GB ram with an amd athlon II X2 215 processor ~2.7GHZ).
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  1. If you could, how long do you think you can play before the sound cuts out?
  2. Hey lazyperson17, I'd say about 2 or 3 hours
  3. is it a legal copy of the game?
  4. Yep, 100% legal
  5. what OS are you using?
  6. Windows 7
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    is it fully patched?

    try running it in compatibility mode (xp sp3)
  8. Yep its fully patched...I haven't tried that yet, I will next time I play. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. also try running as admin
  10. ok thanks for both of the suggestions jefe, I really appreciate it!
  11. only 1 thing i can tell you nothing wrong with youre specs cuz i got the same gpu u got and i play sims 3 no problems but i think u should limit youre fps to 60 that fixes lot of sound problems in some games

    and agin youre problem is only about software
  12. thanks for the response nightstalker_n...I've noticed with the radeon hd 5770 that the shadows look pixelated in the daytime and have heard that numerous people are having the same problem, are you? Also if you wouldn't mind can you tell me what ati catalyst settings you use and what your settings are in the sims 3 itself...thanks in advance :)
  13. well 1st my specs are the same as yours expect the cpu i got athlon ii x4 630 2.8 but that doesnt matter cuz i dont think the game uses more than 2 cores

    my catalys settings are the default version 10.7

    sims 3 setting every thing on max expect shadow turn off

    and there was a setting says number of buildings rendered at the same time put it on 1 only and its youre house or the place youre at

    and AAx4

    and since sims 3 doesnt have a vertical sync setting i downloaded an APP wich allow you to turn vsync on

    its Rivatuner and D3DOverrider comes with it (google it) so open D3DOverrider after you install Rivatuner and enable vsync and triple buffering

    limiting youre FPS would help alot

    thats all im doin to run the game hopfully it works for you :wahoo:
  14. Thanks for taking the time to let me know your settings nightstalker, I really appreciate it! I'll try things out and play with the settings you use :)
  15. hey i just had the same problem and i just istalled the power shell 2.0 update while i had the sims in window mode, and now the sound is back and no more lag. good luck
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