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Hi guys, I have been playing mafia 2 demo on steam and i wanted to know what are your thoughts about this game. I personally think that this game will receive good reviews from critics. Its much better than GTA IV. The cover system and cinematics are pretty good compared to GTA IV and especially the game engine. It has lot of features compared to Gta IV. If you have played the demo let me know your thoughts on this discussion poll. :)
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  1. it looks like a 1950s version of gta 4. it has the same map, health indicator as gta 4.

    the driving systems sucks (sluggish and unresponsive)

    i'm probably going to wait awhile to buy (price drop FTW)
  2. No the health indicator is different if you take damage and goes into cover your health will regenerate which is better than gta 4 the driving system is a little buggy but realistic i have played the game on high settings and it seems that the engine is also good because i was playing at 40 fps with smooth gameplay. Lets just wait for the game to be released and then see the difference because this was only the demo. :)
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