Asus deluxe SLi --sli mode power failure

Just had a system assembled.

when i boot up i get the statement:

Warning: SLI mode vga power fail

what does this mean?

I have a 6600GT xfx geforce video other. (mb comes with default one card only...sli is set to auto in bios)

Need an answer FAST time to search if this question has already been asked.

TIA :)
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  1. Quote:
    Need an answer FAST time to search if this question has already been asked.

    Lazy. I'm not helping you.

    Read the friggin FAQ, and use the search button or I'll kick yer face in!
  2. real big of you

    just for the record i been searching the net and this site now for more than 40 min. And there is NOTHING.

    Time is up. thanks to your kind response..i now gotta role the dice.

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  3. I think it means it doesn't see any card in the second slot! Doesn't that board have a card between the slots that selects SLI or non-SLI mode?

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  4. i finally figured it out...i was under the impression that auto sli in bios would detect single or double.

    That belief cost me 50 min of time. In the end it was a simple matter of changing the bios sli to single

    (bios needs an update..or there is one out there and the assembly guy was mistaken)

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  5. Hmmm, interesting. I haven't turned on the juice yet for my new A8N-Sli yet (long story) but I thought the bios was supposed to default to a single PCI-E GPU? Guess not eh?
  6. Didnt the manual was explaining that?

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  7. the manual explains that sli AUTO is the is suppossed to be able to tell if there is one or two video cards...

    but, instead the auto tried to detect two video not being there...cause the power fail message.


    that said...i had another problem soon after...where the colour would be perfect on first boot...

    but then would be washed over by a very dark blue...and in subsequent boots a light blue..
    (eg boot text was light blue instead of white...and red looked like a yellow)

    I took it in..and he did something to motherboard..i couldN'T make out what..'cause he kept saying he switched bios settings to how he liked it..and yet indicated he had done something to the motherboard)

    i mention it here..because i noticed..when he booted up.. there was NO power fail message even though he had changed SLI back to auto. (and then he changed it to single when i said that was only bios change i had made)

    anyways, bottom line is i'm still baffled by it..but at least its rock solid now...and so impressively QUIET! :))

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  8. Yep! This is Asus Fault. The manual *DOES* state that the card is set for single graphics card as a default. However, if you look closely at the motherboard, you will see that the DUAL CARD arrows are pointing to the slot direction which means the card is set for SLI mode.
    You have to change the card so the arrows for the SINGLE SLOT is pointing to the insert slot.
    New rule of thumb; Trust your eyes...not the manual!

    HW Specs
    Asus A8N-SLI DX
    AMD-64 FX-53
    1 Gig DR400(Dual)
    Asus Star Ice (CPU Cooler)
    OCZ PowerStream 520PSU
    2 Nvidia 6800GT SLI
    Lian Li PC-V2000B MOD w blowhole
  9. now i understand why everything went blue..and he said he had to switch something in motherboard. lol :)

    all makes perfect sense now.

    ty :)
  10. Yep...same was set for dual instead of single when i received it.

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