Error When Exiting Games & Dissapearing Cursor

Hi all,
I am having this strange problem I hope someone can help me with. Every so often when I attempt to exit a game I receive the "This program has encountered a problem and needs to close" error. The weird part is that my mouse cursor disappears so I can't close the error message box and I'm forced to restart my machine. Is there any keyboard command i can use to clear the error message without using a cursor? Also, any idea what would cause the error to pop up in the first place? thanks to anyone that can help.
System Specs:
Win Xp
Intel Quad Core 2.4gz
4 gigs ram
Nividia 9600gt
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  1. I think I've had this problem as well. I didn't bother with solving it though, I just got used to it. If you grab an icon with your invisible cursor, it should become visible (for example "This Computer" in the upper left corner). It seems to be somewhat XP problem.
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