Starcraft 2 recommended settings?

Hey everyone, I want to ask the community on their opinion on what quality settings i should run SC2 in. I have a native 1080p monitor so that would be the preferred resolution, if playable. My specs:
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  1. sry, accidentally posted without completing the post...anyways

    CPU: intel duo core e7300 @ 2.66 with a stock cooler
    GPU: GTS 250( 512 mb)
    4 gb ram
    750 gb HD
    450w psu
  2. try medium, but it is really going to be a guessing game. try and find settings that work for you
  3. ok, because the default settings were inaccurate, it put textures on high and everything else on
  4. its pretty much a guessing game. find settings that give you some good fps
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