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I set up my new system with the Asus PC Probe software installed and it was reading all my fans fine. Suddenly today, it's coming up with spurious readings. My chassis fan, for example, is apprently running at 23,000 rpm, then -26,000 rpm, then 300 rpm. Strange, because as as I can tell from listening, it's running at a constant speed...

Clearly, the mothboard is no longer reading my fan speed correctly. I've checked the connections - they're all OK.
Has anyone else seen this problem? I can bypass it by turning off the PC Probe software, but it's kinda annoying to not have things working.
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  1. install SiSoft Sandra and/or MBM5 ( if supported)
    also check in BIOS if it displays fan speeds
    probe is sometimes not very accurate / irratic
    you may also reload your motherboard drivers
  2. Problem solved. I had to install the latest motherboard drivers from a downloaded CD image (so I also had to install WinRAR). I guess the previous drivers were a bit jumpy - they worked OK for a week, but then went all screwy.

    Now I can switch the fan controller back on! :o)
    (Silence returns to the Llamaman household)
  3. While we're on the subject of the ASUS A8N-Sli, where on the motherboard do you plug the floppy drive's thin power cable in at? The ASUS schematic drawings aren't helping me.

    Thanks in advance!
  4. The power cable for the floppy should be provided by the PSU, not the motherboard. One of the cables coming from your power unit should have the floppy drive power connector on it. If not, you may need to buy an adaptor (I'd be surprised if this was the case - what PSU do you have?)

    If you mean the data cable, it's next to the ATX power connector.
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