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Since the Win7 family pack is coming back, my son is talking about buying a pack for me. Now, someone said that the same key is good for 3 PC's. Now if the 3 activations are used on 3 PC's, what about if I need to reinstall due to a virus or something, or I build a new machine and move my copy to the new PC? How would Microshaft verify that it is a legal use? Or is this an OEM as well as an upgrade?

My concern is that a reinstall would create an issue.
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  1. The family pack consists of 3 keys, not one key that can be used 3 times.
  2. I just want to be sure of things before he spends that kind of money and someone on a thread somewhere said it was one key that could be used on 3 PC's. Also, is this the same as an OEM license? Or can it be moved to a new PC? Just incase I retire one of ours and want to install it on the new build.
  3. As far as I'm aware the family pack is for upgrading only not for a new build. That means you would need to have a prior qualifying OS on each of the 3 pc's before you could use them.
  4. I believe Jonmor is correct, the family pack is an upgrade license (it was the first time it appeared when Windows 7 shipped, and will likely be the same this time as well), so you would have to own a previous version of Windows to get this.

    And to clarify, the upgrade license keeps the terms of the license you are upgrading (i.e. if you use the family pack to upgrade an OEM copy of a previous version of Windows, you cannot move the copy of 7 to another PC because the upgraded license is still OEM, whereas if the previous version was a Retail license, you could move the copy of Windows 7 legally).
  5. OK, I just wanted to be clear since one key for 3 PC's just seems to inherently come with questions. Three licenses makes more sense. I just hope htere are no issues in the end.
  6. I am still reading conflicting information about the activation key provided in this family pack. Is it actually one key for 3 PC's or 3 Keys?
  7. 3 Keys, for 3 pc's located at the same address.
  8. Wait a minute here. You have three keys that have to be registered at the same address? What? That would mean that my son can't legally buy a pack and give me a key and a copy. That would make no sense.
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