Gaming without a joystick?

I am a console gamer.
I have just built a killer i5 750 system specifically for gaming because I wanted to play
the cutting edge games that are out today.
I was quite pissed when I found out that a lot of the games were not joystick compatable.
I just purchased medal of honor 10 edition to see how my system would work before crysis came in the mail.
WTF?????? medal of honor will only work with a keyboard and a mouse?
How many other games can I expect this from?
This is not why I put togather an expensive system.
Playing pacman and outdated games like that useing arrow directional commands was not my idea of stepping into the 20th century of technology.
Someone please rectify this evil tyrade that I have going in my head before I sell my tower
I`m sooo freakin pissed about this.
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  1. it just takes some getting used to. studies find that most average pc games are better then most good console players

    just give it a chance
  2. Thanx for the reply.
    The problem is that I have a really bad back and I wanted to sit back in my chair and game vs. leaning over a table and keying left and a mouse in the right hand.
    Is this possible w/ any other kind of hardware interface?
    Money is no object at this point.
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    not really, controller support is usually on a game by game basis
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  5. Man,I am so screwed!
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