Which mobo is right for me?


I am buying a new system although I am not sure of what motherboard I should get. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, here are the specs of what I am getting.

CPU - Intel Pent IV #540. 3.2Gig 1MB 800mhz

RAM(Memory) - Platinum 184pin 1-Gig DDR 400MHZ DUAL CHANNEL 19720147

Video Card - ATI RADEON X800 XL 256MB PCIE

Motherboard - ??????

Hard drive - Maxtor 160.0 gig 7200 rpm IDE ATA 133 8MB Cache 3yr #219

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  1. The more important question is what will you be using the system for? What features do you need the mobo to have and what components do you need it to support?

    :tongue: <font color=red>Have you read the FAQ? Searched for other posts on this topic?</font color=red>
  2. I'm going to be using the system mainly for web design, graphic programs, some games and surfing the internet.

    I don't know what features I need and all I know is that it needs to support PCI Express for my videocard and 400MHZ for my RAM.

  3. That motherboard is conveniently at the store that I'm buying everything else at and it is the motherboard I was looking at getting. And only around $160 CAD :)

    May I ask why you recommend this mobo for my system?

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