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So I purchased the digital copy of sc2 only to find out that it doesn't include the free trial codes. I was planning on giving out a trial code to one of my friends so I was slightly upset to find out that they aren't included in the digital version.

I'm pretty sure this isn't against the rules of this forum, but if it is, please remove this post and I apologize.

Anyways, would anyone who isn't planning on using one of their free trials possibly give me one of theirs so my buddy can try it out?

I don't really have anything in return to offer, but I do have a private ventrilo server and you'd be more than welcome to come hang out with us and play some sc2! I know its really not much, but if you aren't planning on using one of your keys, why not make some new friends and help the community out!

My IGN is Stope, Code: 224! Thanks to anyone who responds!
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