What is everyone Playing right now (other then SC2)


I am looking for a new game to play. Whats everyone playing???? Like other then SC2?
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  1. sc2 is pretty lame.

    i plays supreme commander 2
    just cause 2 when im mad at multiplayer noobs n want to just blow things up
    bad company 2 for fast paced FPS

    check out pc.ign.com for more tips
  2. right now i am playing, Resident Evil 5 and Dragon Age Origins
  3. Just Cause 2, sad but true.
  4. Team Fortress 2 :)
  5. Just finished BFBC2.....now on Fallout 3 and slowly getting bored! It was a good deal on Stea, ($20), so bought it...
  6. just cause 2 would be good if it was multiplayer or multi-coop at least. I easily got bored of parachuting through the jungle and blowing up the same base in a different location. Now the only time I play it is to show a friend how ridiculous it is for like 5 mins. Quickly order up a prototype spylane of sorts, kamikaze it into an explosive silo as you quickly grapple yourself to someones testicle and magnetize to their general direction.

    its original in that the graphics are better, the sandbox is bigger and your character can basically fly, but its practicality is explained through the use of infinite parachutes and batman's utility belt.

    its great...if you lack an internet connection.

    I wonder if gta IV has a grappling hook mod. Then this game would be exactly the same, but set in a massive chain of jungle islands.
  7. Go with POP: Sands of time...just now i have finished the game it's really superb.
    You may also consider Splinter cell : conviction...it's great too.
  8. Let's see...on Xbox I've been playing BF:BC2 and Madden 11.

    On PC...besides the before mentioned SC2 I've been playing Master of Orion 1&2 again (picked 'em up on GOG) and Dawn of War 2.
  9. I'm just playing Fallout 3 and X3 - The Return.

    Waiting on Fallout: New Vegas.

    I don't really play too many games any more.
  10. bfbc2, just cause 2 and hawx (getting ready for hawx 2)
  11. Dragon Age : Origins
    Counter-Strike : Source
    Some mods for HL2
  12. Just Cause 2
    Moder Warefare 2,
    Bad Company 2
    Dragon Age Originas
    GTA 4 w/ Expansions
  13. Just finished Deus Ex GOTY edition (I wanted to see what all the fuss was about). Good game, anticlimactic ending(s).
    COD Modern Warfare 2 (meh!)
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl (yeah, finally)
    Silent Hunter 3 & 4 (not 5!)
  14. Dead Space (nice and scaaaaryyy!)
    Splinter Cell: Conviction
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